Yes ,let's reveal the truth.The Truth of violence.And Revenge.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Rachels Challenge"You Just May Start A Chain React...": they should have killed you! think of how happy all the people from your past would be. your sister, brother and father. you fucked up their lives! 17 stab wounds! not enough! you should receive 17 stab wounds for every time you hit your sister. do all these readers know about your real past? tell the truth! don't hide behind the name of GOD.

Dear Mr. Anonymous ,You are really in need of some wisdom. read this . something to ponder.Did you take into consideration my dad's interest in having these things of ours put on the web before you made your very public Comment .I am going to print the story if he insists on continuing half truths , innuendos, and not accepting "all" of ours responsibility in this sorrow. I am more than willing to write the story but I don't think he's going to like it.All these things can be verified one way or another through examination. I know who I am.I know alot more of him than he wants to believe,he's good at self deception.Example;ignoring every cry for help that was visible to his naked eye. The fact that Christy was a living skeleton. She was extremely anorexic.When I time AND TIME again TRIED TO TELL HIM he 'd always brush it off as "she's at a perfect weight"."you're all just jealous of her!" She was less than 90 lbs.!!?Come on, nobody can look good with a bone protruding out and hanging from her shoulder socket.Why? Inspite of these things ,I loved my sister and brother. I was forced by Lupe and by Christys , unwillingness .Maybe you should ask Teodoro Leon Jr. if he wants me to continue. You think your comment is not traceable? Now ask him why he never took Christy to a doctor or hospital during this time.I will wait for a reasonable time for your response. At lioner2@yahoo.com

In answer to your comment
Yes.You're right. But of course you only get half truths.Why not reveal yourself and we can bring the truth of the matter to light together.So much suffering.For them still.And for you.Ask Christy. And then ask Carlos. then you ask Lupe.And then you ask Ted Leon Jr. how he drove ,through a severe beating of Lupe while she was pregnant, this woman crazy enough to torture all of us through extreme manipulations.Yes ,it seems you know just a half truth.Hence the reason this comment won't be deleted. I told that woman, Lupe ,a long time ago ,that she could say whatever she wanted , but that I would not be part of her sickness of violence and revenge.I repented many years ago,only by God's grace, hence the reason I was always leaving and living on the street(she always found me) as a teenager.I left my dad in Georgia for this reason,Because of the game that woman still played.She kept whispering for his death. I left everything then and have many times since, because I have never been deceived since and will no longer be manipulated by no one.So lets bring out the truth,Anonymous, and we shall see the true mercy God has provided for us all. Looks I have much more to write about.Thank you for your candidness.
I fucked up their lives?That sure gives me a lot of power, to this day.You are wrong, that was one aspect of their lives. But I guess you know the truth because you were there? Let us ask .But of course you might not like what is revealed of the "Sanctity" of Ted Leon Jr.Where was I conceived? ask my mother and T. Leon Jr.And why?Let's reveal the truth,shall we.Too Late.Of course feel free to respond. I will tell the truth.Been wanting to for awhile. The lies and manipulations of the truth and half-truths has gone on long enough.
Who's hiding behind the name of God? What kind of ignorant statement is that? I've told the truth from the beginning. I told my wife Ellen. I told the therapist at O.U.. I told many people.Never have I hidden it ,for the simple fact that I wanted people to know what God has done for me.For the simple fact that I wanted people to know the extent of violence and revenge. Because I wanted people to know a true act of Forgiveness. How even the most blessed are manipulated due to the guilt ,shame and arrogance of others' own convictions. How what severity people such as yourself impose by calling for blood and not following Christs commandment of Forgiveness.
No ,don't forgive me. It's a grace of and from God. You can not forgive unless you forgive informedly. Yes , there is much to forgive. Your hate has already caused you to act with out wisdom...but maybe this is the only way.
It started with a phone call to Ted Leon Jr. by someone that I intentionally gave his location to at a lenten dinner at my church.And I knew what would happen.Did T.Leon Jr. think he could just slander me with no consequences for his half truths.
The sins of the father. Ask Christy to tell the truth and what part she played,willingly.She was no innocent victim. Ask Carlos, tell him to tell you how I would hit that belt on the ground as hard as I could and instruct him to yell as loud as he could as if I had hit him( because Lupe wanted to hear these noises).He did it. He did not get hit, anymore.And we laughed.
Sins of the step mother. Ask Christy how I would instruct her time and time again to do the same. She would not scream.She would stare at me with defiance. She would go immediately into the house and tell Lupe the game I had attempted. I would be trumped with an assault charge by Lupe and go to jail. I would be kicked out of the house by some lie of hers that she told Ted Leon Jr., and he would willingly consent to it. All because I didn't want to hit Christy and Christy would not go along because of her perverse attraction to Lupe.
Lupe force fed her and Carlos excessive amounts of food that she piled high on their plates. Ted Leon didn't notice?Lupe induced the anorexia on her.She was wickedly smart.Should I go on?Because this is not how it begun. I shall go back and fill in the blanks for you perverts that get a kick out of suffering . I shall tell of the sins of the father he would pass on to a young 14 year old kid that was manipulated by a woman he turned evil due to his violence. He is the one crying out for help now.
"Is it because,Ted Leon Jr., the next time you tried to wash the wall with her blood I got between you and her at the age of 13 and I told you that I would not allow you to do this to her or yourself ever again. And you being a grown man submitted to my statement with reluctance. You already knew then, that I spoke with power and authority, even then,hence the reason you made no attempt then or ever again to shed her blood."But you did make the statement to her,"See what you've done! You turned my son against me!" No I am not against you, never have been. If it hadn't been for me ,we would have all suffered an extremely painful death. To bad your hate for me and this woman's hate for us divided us...I tried to tell you. You always punished me. You were baffled.She told you so many lies and you believed them all.She manipulated you then and still does to this day.

A history of violence.
Where to begin? Do I explain how you forced my mother out of our lives at an early age. Do I start with what I saw you do to that man when you thought I had been asleep in the truck.How old was I? 3-4? How those men held him with his pants down and the crime you committed to his person?Violence and revenge.Why is my mother ,to this day, so afraid of you?
Jesse Martinez ,my cousin that spent some time for trafficking in El Reno as a guest of the Federal Bureau of Prisons,told me the truth of your associations and how the family money payed for the little time he spent there. And also,why I was kept out of the true family business,because of my true nature of innocence and naivety. I'm no longer 13 years old or naive.
Do I start with the violence you committed against Maria; our maid and your sexual release. How young she was and devoted to you. How old was she when she came to us? 16 -17, at the most. And you would defile her with your arrogance and violence. Remember her trying to literally jump out of the car on the freeway at 60 miles an hour, just to get away from you.How I, Christy and Charlie were in the back seat of that new Monte Carlo, screaming!For you to stop!And all you would do was with one hand in her beautiful hair yanking and with the other fist pounding viciously at her face, pulverizing it. You were brutal. And you thought yourself justified.It was your right,wasn't it? I'm surprised you didn't manage to kill us all in a wreck with that car weaving all over the freeway! I remember everything.

So, lets start.
The first thing that comes to mind is going to the park at night . Me, Christy,Charlie and you(Ted Leon Jr.).I think it was on Montana street or Yandell Street, near downtown close to the old YMCA. A beautiful young woman was introduced to us by you. It was supposed to be by chance that we met her ,of course ,you played games with your young kids from the beginning.It was no chance.My first impression of this woman was that she was extremely pretty and magickal. I could feel the electricity in the air, the night was crisp and the stars were shining. I noticed it for the reason that it was extraordinary, and she was very gracious.Her name was Guadalupe and I had not met anyone like her before. I was very young ,but knew even then that she was a creature of beauty. I somehow knew she was to teach me.She was very young herself, 18 years old.She was 7 years older than I. Yes, I loved her from the moment I saw her.
My dad had met her at a strip joint further west on Montana frequented by the Bandidos Club. I even remember a name Lupe had provided me of a protector,"Shakey". She had a small daughter named Melissa Blair. She was a little hyper but as beautiful as her mother. My dad did not take to this child.He resented her.He would over the years make Lupe leave her with her parents , causing more pain for Lupe and Melissa. Before the violence started.
The year must have been 1975-1976.My sister Patricia was born in 1980.
My dad managed over the course of months to woo Lupe into eventually moving in with us.No ,she did not immediately move in. She was careful. I was happy she did,it allowed an escape for Maria to leave. She did not want to leave.Despite the abuse and violence she suffered as a result of Ted Leon Jr.'s arrogance and belittling disposition,she loved him and had intended to marry him and have children. He would not have some whore from peasant ancestry birthing his offspring.I think those were his words. You fucked her Ted Leon Jr. and then you fucked her without shame.She left walking down the street with her bags in her hands because of your crudeness.Always thought you were so much better and you had no conflict manifesting it.Should I tell how you took(1970-1973?) all three of us kids and Maria to the drive-in on North Loop drive and what was playing?Yes. The movies were pornographic satanic ritualistic witchery.They were very intense.I knew then that they were real.Of course , you wanted us kids to go to sleep in the back seat, but I could see.I could see what your sexual appetite would profane and why.Research of this time should reveal the titles. I was young but intrigued. I also knew evil when I saw it. She was reluctant to have sex with you in the car with such small children inches away.Yes, your sanctity. It caused her to give in and I can still smell your filth. You were so arrogant. You profaned her.And us.You'd done it before,your comfort was so apparent. I've always been what you've known, hence the reason of you attempting to pervert my person to this day. I trusted you. Time for your healing to begin.
After only a little while living with us, you took Lupe and us to Houston for vacation.It wound up being an extended stay at the Howard Johnson motel.You were running.From who?What? We went back to El Paso a few weeks later and in the middle of the night, under cover of darkness we packed only the essentials into a U-haul truck. It was fast. Of course you owned the house, so I don't know what happened to the rest of the stuff...Oh, yes I do, somebody packed it and put it in the garage. It stayed there for years.My cousin had moved in for awhile.Then you rented it out to Lupe's parents. But the stuff was still there for years to come. I'd go in there and look at the books, the clothes we hadn't taken ,toys....etc.
We moved into an apartment on Perez road in Pasadena,Texas.Culture shock for all of us. I was enrolled at Queens Intermediate school. I felt poor. I spent 7th and part of 8th grade in these apartments while I went to Queens.Then we moved.But not until I started sniffing glue. And I remember why.The school nurse had done an eye examination in the 7th grade and had sent home a note to you stating that I was severely in need of glasses.Ted Leon Jr. stated in return that no son of his would need glasses. I told him that I really could not see the board or the opaque projections,especially. His answer was for me to go sit at the front of the class. I explained to him even at that distance I could not see the writing on the board. He loved to humiliate me in his subtle ways. I did what he said. I ,literally had to go directly up to the opaque projector and look into the light to see what I was supposed to be doing .It did not work. The bright light from the projector was too intense. So those assignments the teacher put on the opaque projector ,I eventually started skipping. The teacher tried to help by personally sending Ted Leon Jr. a note stating that she would try to accommodate me by placing some of the assignments on the board, but that most of her work was already prepared on opaque sheets.And she also was of the opinion that I really needed glasses. He blamed me for being lazy and wanting unneeded attention. He did not get me glasses. I still tried, humiliating myself by trying to copy off the opaque projector and sitting as close to the board as possible. Didn't help much.And then a little time later, in front of the whole class, the teacher that sent the note asked me if I had given my dad the note she had sent home with me. I told her yes."Then why don't you have glasses yet?" I never wanted to embarrass my dad.We were not poor.There was no explanation to give. I don't know.She sent another note home. I gave it to him.He acted like it was some type of conspiracy on my part to bring in my teacher and make him a fool.He had a problem with women in authority.Probably as a result of his mother. I just started sitting in the back of the class, trying to go unnoticed. The wonderful teacher had done all she could for me,I bless her to this day.Lupe is the one that eventually got me glasses,but that was three years in the future and they would never last as a result of her always punching me in the face with her fists, another part of her manipulation,declaring to Ted Leon Jr. that I could not take care of anything.A friend turned me on to "Texas Shoeshine" and I huffed it and everything was okay.It was so okay that when my dad,Lupe and my blessed Grandfather came to pick(unusual) me up at school , I got into the car with the can filled with spray and continued huffing unaware that they were" all" aware.Nobody said anything at first.Then Lupe asked me if she could have a drink of my soda. I told her there was not anymore. So she had me throw it out the window!My grandfather was sitting right next to me!They were all waiting to get me alone.My grandfather was kind and gracious in his words and actions.As soon as we got to his apartment he asked me to help him carry some things in for him and he told me,"Son, that stuff you were doing in the car is really bad for you,please don't do it anymore."On the other hand, my dad was very offended in me disrespecting my grandfather. I tried to tell him it was the first time and I had not been aware of my actions. I think that was about one of the only times he hit me.Hard. I hadn't intended to do it again, but his violence and unwillingness to provide the basics(glasses,paper,supplies for school..etc.) caused me to retreat into the bliss of inhalants.For awhile.
We wound up at some apartments located at around the 500 block of South Richey in Pasadena,Texas.They are now called the Bryton Hill apartments. I would usually walk to and from school.Sniffing glue.Extreme hallucinations.We had bayous in Houston and there was one that I could walk along to go to school. I was dying after 1 1/2 years of sniffing. I asked God to take it away from me. I couldn't breathe anymore.My body ached.He took it away. Of course I tried sniffing again.But like I said,"God took it from me." I could not get high. It was like air.Nothing.I no longer had a desire.
Lupe had become pregnant while we still lived at the apartment on Perez road.I remember vividly the red shirt she wore with a yellow sign declaring,"baby under construction". I think there was an argument between her and my dad that my dad said the baby could not be his.
This is about the time a worker who had been accused to Lupe of getting her pregnant wound up in our apartment with his face beaten and his shirt all torn.He was a mess! I think he was an accountant( I want to say his name was Rory or something).Or an estimator/bidder.Lupe asked him,"What the hell happened to you?"He said that he had been under the hood checking something and his Tie got wrapped in the fan.A half truth? He was made to show his face to Lupe for a reason. That's why she had asked where it had happened( he lived 15- 20 miles away) and he said at his apartment, so she then asked him in front of my dad,"Why didn't you change at home before you came over here?"He answered something to the effect," I didn't have time." I never saw this man again after this episode.He all of a sudden went back to El Paso.

The Beating and the Pasadena Police.
My sister was defiant as a result of being daddy's little girl and she took it to heart.Lupe until this time had been very tolerant of us little heathens. She tried to instill culture and dignity in us.Instead of the plaid polyester pants that I wore from since in the care of Maria the maid(as a result of the beatings she received at my dad's hands, she also paid the kids back by stealing the good expensive clothes we received from my relatives and sending them down to Durango ,Mexico where her family lived and substituting thrift store crap for us,ridiculous shit..I looked like a clown)she asked me if I would like some Levi's or Wrangler's. I asked her what was that? Jeans.What are jeans?You really don't know what jeans are?"Oh,my god."She had compassion.
She was only 18 years old when she would get up in the morning to fix us breakfast. It was strange to us. The food. Bacon.Waffles.Not the food we were accustomed to eating..eggs,beans and tortillas.Which in itself is still the diet of my people.It was good , but the new foods got a little getting used to.I ate it. My brother ate it.Christy turned her nose at it, being daddy's little girl,daddy's little malicious girl.Lupe had been patient.But now she was pregnant and tired.She just needed Ted Leon Jr. to explain to her the situation and let her know that she was now our stepmother and needed her respect and cooperation.We would have a sister soon.We were a family.Christy became more defiant.
Finally, after some incident with christy and charlie's defiance, she asked my dad to somehow discipline them.Wrong word to use with my dad.He flew into a rage.Lupe felt confident enough to pursue recourse, which was try to explain to him her thoughts and frustrations.She was asking for help from him, she was only going on twenty. And they were his kids.
He responded with,"No woman is going to tell me how to raise my kids!"There was yelling and arguing on both their parts.We kids went to our respective rooms to get out of the high voltage energy.I felt sick.( My real mom and dad used to do this every time she tried to come back and work things out. Usually in the car.My mom was strong willed.)The screaming was very traumatic to me.
Then a little time later all I heard was," please just get off of me ...the baby...I'm sorry..just let me go.." and then she started screaming for somebody to help her..."Somebody help me..I just want to leave.." extreme sobbing and wailing.I have never been able to bear a woman in pain and I exited my room to see her sprawled on the sofa holding her stomach.And she had blood all over her.And behind her, the wall was covered with blood as if somebody had thrown a 5 gallon bucket of paint on it.I felt so bad for her.Nauseated. I almost threw up.
One of the neighbors must have heard her cries for help(how couldn't they?Apartments!) and had called the Pasadena Police department.They were knocking on the door. My dad opened the door and let them in. They saw what I saw.Lupe immediately was relieved."Thank God you're here,now I can leave.I just want to leave."Hold on a minute Ma'am, let us do our job and find out what is going on .My dad walked outside with them and he closed the door.They came back in within 10-15 minutes.Time.They had sneers on their faces.Contempt.Arrogance.
"Now I can leave..." You're not going anywhere . She tried to walk to the door and leave and the police grabbed her and pushed her back on the sofa,we said you're not going anywhere!
"What.I can't leave? He just beat me and all I want to do is leave.Please..."
We don't see any evidence that you 've been assaulted and if you attempt to leave we are going to have to place you under arrest and take you for a ride.(or something to that affect)And we are going to be in the neighborhood driving around and if we see you attempting to leave we will keep our promise(or something to that affect).
I could not believe what they were saying .Horrific.I saw the fear in Lupe's eyes. I thought I saw the transformation take place, she went into shock and just stared basically blankly into space.The pigs left.
She cleaned up the blood herself. I could see that fear turn to hate and then madness. I felt so sick and powerless. I no longer sniffed glue. My body was strong. I knew I could never let it happen again. I could feel the evil.I saw the evil.

It was only a short time later that he was manifesting his evil again in that he was going to beat her , again. I immediately left my room and got between him and her and flatly told him,"I will not allow you to do this again to her or yourself." Or you'll do what? " I will not let you do this again to yourself or her, I love you both." He thought about it for just one second and him being a grown man submitted to my statement with reluctance. He already knew then, that I spoke with power and authority, even then at the age of 13, hence the reason he made no attempt then or ever again, to shed her blood. But he did make the statement to her,"See what you've done! You turned my son against me!"
So that is why she devised a plan of revenge. I had stepped in too late.

And so the suffering began.And in her eyes I was the one ,the only one, who stepped in and stopped his abuse. But , she asked me later, why had I 'd not done something earlier, when he was hitting her? I told her I didn't know he was hitting her. And so the suffering began for all of us.
I remember everything. It started almost immediately. Well, after Patricia was born, anyway.
Do you know why I never brought my books home to do my homework? Because she made me well aware that I was never to bring any books home from school. I lived many nights outside. In winter, too stay warm , I stayed in the drainage pipes leading into the bayous.In summer I was tortured by the prevalent swarms of mosquitos that are infamous in Houston.Out of the blue, she would hit me with a fist to my face. At first, it was a shock.Then about the 3 rd time instinct took over. I 'd grab her pretty little throat and start literally squeezing the life out of her.I'd black out and only come to my senses when I started seeing her eyes bulging from her face. It horrified me! And I would immediately let her go. And then she had the marks on her throat. I suppose this happened 2-3 times. She learned real quick(and so did I) that her death was too easy. My dad saw and knew about the choking, I guess he thought she deserved this.I don't know. She was mine now.She seduced me . It was hard for her to cause violence to me as often as she had intended.But she still caused injury to me. I stopped choking her. She , infrequently, would throw brass ashtrays that would connect with my head.Or what ever she could find to throw. She should have pitched for the ASTRO's!
Christy and Charlie were another story.
She started by piling their plates high with food.excessive amounts.And they could not leave the table until they were finished.My poor loves. But then Christy's defiance would kick in.She'd stare at Lupe in challenge.Christy was going to be broken by this woman one way or another.
After dinner, Lupe would somehow or another get my dad to retire to his room.That's when she brought out the jalapenos and vinegar. At first it was only 1-3 jalapenos and a glass of vinegar.But Christy with her defiant look challenged her and a challenge she got. Now it went to a whole jar of pickled jalapenos,vinegar and castor oil. A glass of it. I was made to watch that they finished it. I was in turmoil. I 'd cry myself to sleep asking God to help us.This torture subsided for awhile.
Lupe had started cutting my hair in the bathroom, to keep it nice. But she wore her nighty with no bra and the sexiest g-strings I 'd ever seen.She would take her time standing in front of me and literally putting those breasts in my face.Nothing happened,except that I got too hard.She was twenty and very beautiful. I asked God for help. I was really innocent but not ashamed of my sexuality. My dad refused to marry her even after Patricia was born.
She was in turmoil with her agenda.I knew she was falling in love with me.There is a psychological term for it.The Florence Nightingale Effect .http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florence_Nightingale_Effect.
The effect can also occur in patients who see medical workers as their protector and then develop feelings for them.Well you see what I'm saying.I stopped her abuser.I was her protector.Well she became suicidal. That would have been okay except that she wanted to take Patty with her stating she could not leave her in this forsaken world. I really talked her out of it. I loved my sister.And I prayed to God some more and cried.
One day I went to her room to say goodbye on the way to school. I knew what I was going to do when I woke up. And it wasn't even sexual in nature. I was going to kiss her, my desire for her was so strong I knew I would do it. I had loved her since the first time I laid eyes on her. And here she was in such pain.The man who had brought her to Houston had more or less abandoned her. He'd call her a fat pig after she had Patty. I knocked at her door and she answered for me to come in. What is it that I wanted, she asked? I told her I just wanted to say goodbye.And I walked over to the side of the bed and kissed her tenderly on the lips.She was 21 and I was 14.She responded in turn and we said goodbye to each other. The look in her eyes was of peace. Not revolt or lust.Nor shame. The look was one of recognition. My soul.It was too late.
She was damaged.I 'd spend many years subduing ,as best as I could, her desire to murder us all. I became her true husband.My dad had relinquished her. He had refused to marry her. We did not consummate our love for awhile. I was ,first, her friend . She became a little more peaceful. It would come and go. Revenge is a strong motivator.

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