Ignorance,Arrogance,Hardness of Heart amongst the people.

This is the history of comments and responses to comments by me and others concerning the Execution of Troy Anthony Davis in Georgia.This MZTRUTHBTOLD was the instigation of the revealing attitudes,but not the cause or blame for above article title,just a small part of the belief in their uniqueness.

!#13 - Tue Sep 23, 2008 6:48 PM CDT

Has his mother been brought up on charges for harboring a fugitive? she should be.
Thanks for your side of the story. I hope he gets what he deserves.
!#13.1 - Wed Sep 24, 2008 7:23 AM CDT

Teodoro Leon 3
I would be more inclined to believe that what you related in your "statement' was not slanderous gossip ,if not just an outright lie if you had filled out your Bio,seeded some articles,voted on other articles since the last/only time or at least commented on them.This will be sent to the email you provided that you used to sign on to newsvine.traceable.At least respond by commenting on your comment and stating where you worked with troy's mother...I suspect you are what we newsviners call a troll.As you should now know...troy was granted a stay of execution by no other than the US Supreme Court who were all in recess and convened a special hearing to grant this stay.Do you not know that you will be also held accountable for your maliciousness and lies?The Almighty is well aware of the hate you spout and the time is near.I just pray that you at least make an attempt to make better informed opinions if this the case.Especially you rdixiesunrise61,promoting this type of malfeasance.He was really your friend? Then why do you not want real justice for who killed him?Good friend you are...with friends like you who needs enemies?Please respond...I sent you an email through the "contact author" link,though you are no author.
!#13.2 - Wed Sep 24, 2008 6:28 PM CDT

Teodoro Leon 3
I would be more inclined to believe that what you related in your "statement' was not slanderous gossip ,if not just an outright lie if you had filled out your Bio,put a avatar,seeded some articles,voted on other articles since the last/only time or at least commented on them since you signed up to newsvine 9/08.This will be sent to the email you provided that you used to sign on to newsvine.traceable.At least respond by commenting on your comment and stating where you worked with troy's mother...I suspect you are what we newsviners call a troll.As you should now know...troy was granted a stay of execution by no other than the US Supreme Court who were all in recess and convened a special hearing to grant this stay.Do you not know that you will be also held accountable for your maliciousness and lies?The Almighty is well aware of the hate you spout and the time is near.I just pray that you at least make an attempt to make better informed opinions if this the case.
!#13.3 - Wed Sep 24, 2008 6:30 PM CDT

!#14 - Tue Sep 23, 2008 7:01 PM CDT

Teodoro Leon 3
Did you also know Troy?It seems you are relating slanderous gossip.."

We are all Troy Davis

Tell me this is a lie...
"Troy was waiting to go into the Marine Corps. He had transferred to night school where he completed his high school education in order to take care of my sister who was paralyzed from the neck down. So he worked during the day and took care of my sister while my mom was working; did her hair, catheterized her, because she couldn't do anything for herself."
Were you hoodwinked?

!#14.1 - Wed Sep 24, 2008 5:52 PM CDT

I feel sorry for you that you feel sorry for people who are happily awaiting the death of another human being.
Put aside the glaring inconsistencies in the trial and that Troy could very well be an innocent man.
Revenge does not bring peace to anyone. If you wish for and work towards the killing of a man your mind is constantly filled with negative thoughts. This is not good for you and not good for those around you.
The law of cause and effect will not be on your side if you are a revengeful person.
Only compassion and forgiveness can set the family of a murder victim free.

!#14.2 - Thu Sep 25, 2008 12:36 PM CDT


What is with so-called christians and godly-people routing for a man to be killed?
Am I crazy or isn't one of the commandments Thou Shall Not Kill? There is no except there either.

!#24.1 - Wed Sep 24, 2008 9:06 PM CDT

I`m with you nearing.

!#24.2 - Thu Sep 25, 2008 1:44 PM CDT

Am I crazy or isn't one of the commandments Thou Shall Not Kill? There is no except there either.
One would have thought so, nearing. As plain as daylight. but I guess religious people always interpret their holy books to suit themselves!! :o(

!#24.3 - Thu Sep 25, 2008 2:11 PM CDT

Miss Dev
I love when I get to whip this out.
!#24.4 - Thu Sep 25, 2008 4:45 PM CDT

Great one! LOL
!#24.5 - Thu Sep 25, 2008 5:02 PM CDT

Now, now Ladies...let's not throw out the babies with the bathwater. You can't judge everyone of faith by the actions of the slim percentages that are loud igmoes.
I love when I get to whip this out.
And this is F%&$ing hysterical! LOL!
!#24.6 - Thu Sep 25, 2008 5:18 PM CDT

Danny McGee
"Am I crazy or isn't one of the commandments Thou Shall Not Kill? There is no except there either."

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but actually, there is an "except." Once Israel was established after Moses' people finished their trek through the desert, a more complete set of laws and punishments was set up by God in Leviticus, Dueteronomy, etc., and they included the death penalty for...well, just about anything. Idolatry, adultery, blasphemy, heresy, homosexuality, even cursing one's parents are all punishable by death according to the old Law. Modern day Christians have softened it up a lot, but there's definitely a lot of Biblical precedent for State-sanctioned execution.

!#24.7 - Thu Sep 25, 2008 6:26 PM CDT

So, the Commandments were re-written? So is that to say that god was lying or just kidding the first time he said it?
How do these 'christians' reconcile that with what Jesus said in Matthew 25?
How do they reconcile all of the contradictions in the bible?
Seems a pretty good reason to shun religion, imo.

!#24.8 - Thu Sep 25, 2008 6:47 PM CDT

Danny McGee
"So, the Commandments were re-written? So is that to say that god was lying or just kidding the first time he said it?"
Not really rewritten...more like expounded upon. What started as a really, really general moral code turned into a much more thorough set of laws, statutes and punishments.
How do these 'christians' reconcile that with what Jesus said in Matthew 25?
There are three separate parables in this chapter...which verse/verses are you talking about?
How do they reconcile all of the contradictions in the bible?
Err...cough.... Maybe this isn't the best thread to discuss this, all things considered. :)

!#24.9 - Fri Sep 26, 2008 6:38 AM CDT

Teodoro Leon 3
"a more complete set of laws and punishments was set up by God in Leviticus, Dueteronomy, etc., and they included the death penalty for"

These new laws were a suggestion by good ol Baal worshipper,jethro the high priest of Midian,the high priest of Baal at a the request of himself to Moses.Deceiving Moses,Exodus 18...13 The next day Moses sat in judgment for the people, who waited about him from morning until evening. 14 When his father-in-law saw all that he was doing for the people, he inquired, "What sort of thing is this that you are doing for the people? Why do you sit alone while all the people have to stand about you from morning till evening?" 15 Moses answered his father-in-law, "The people come to me to consult God. 16 Whenever they have a disagreement, they come to me to have me settle the matter between them and make known to them God's decisions and regulations." 17 "You are not acting wisely," his father-in-law replied.
God does not contradict Himself...in fact he states..."You shall not add to the word which I am commanding you, nor take away from it, that you may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you ...

!#24.10 - Fri Sep 26, 2008 3:08 PM CDT

Teodoro Leon 3
And this is one of the better threads to discuss this considering we are writing about the death penalty...which goes against one of the MAJOR commandments due to distortions,ignorance,hardness of heart,mistranslations,agendas and motives. "You shall not add to the word which I am commanding you, nor take away from it, that you may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you ... This was given right after Moses was given the Commandments. deuteronomy 1 "Now, Israel, hear the statutes and decrees which I am teaching you to observe, that you may live, and may enter in and take possession of the land which the LORD, the God of your fathers, is giving you. And many of the "New" laws were prescribed by these very unwise ,macho Judges that were hand selected with a little help from the father -in -law of moses ,jethro ,the High priest of Midian...yes, what "god" did he worship before moses received the duty that he was imposed .Jethro never repents or breaks his vow to serve Baal...he was the high priest!
Here proof of the contempt for women these people had even for women who had been raped... This is what you must do when a man has sexual intercourse with a virgin who is engaged to another man. If this happens in a city, take them to the gate of the city and stone them to death. The girl must die because she was in a city and didn't scream for help. The man must die because he had sex with another man's wife. You must get rid of this evil.

!#24.11 - Fri Sep 26, 2008 3:53 PM CDT

Teodoro Leon 3
Sorry for a few posts...we need to combat this death Penalty with what they profess to be their basis ...biblical distortions and editing....Don't forget Jethro is the high priest of Baal. He never repents and rejects his god. There is no statement that he accepts Jehovah as his god. Even Satan refers to God as God he just never submits to God as his God. Jethro is also a "Kenite", a descendant of Cain .
Judges 1:16 And the children of the Kenite, Moses' father in law, ...
Once Moses had appointed hundreds of judges as Jethro had instructed they were helpless. All these judges and not a single page of laws to enforce. The only thing left out of the Biblical account is the part where all these judges say "Well, what do we do now? Moses we need LAWS!"

I did not write this or claim that it is 100% accurate...but pretty close.
Judges1:16 2 The descendants of the Kenite, Moses' father-in-law, came up with the Judahites from the city of palms to the desert at Arad (which is in the Negeb). But they later left and settled among the Amalekites. 17 Judah then went with his brother Simeon, and they defeated the Canaanites who dwelt in Zephath. After having doomed the city to destruction, they renamed it Hormah.
Now also read the footnotes and get a good solid foundation on education to combat this obscene, evil Death Penalty.Fight fire with Fire.

!#24.12 - Fri Sep 26, 2008 5:15 PM CDT

How about you guys seed or write an article about the Biblical justification or condemnation of the death penalty, and move this there?

!#24.13 - Fri Sep 26, 2008 5:21 PM CDT


!#24.14 - Fri Sep 26, 2008 5:24 PM CDT

Oh, and TL3... your comments where you turn whole paragraphs into links are hard on the eyes. And LOUD. Would you mind toning them down a bit? Maybe I'm getting old, so please indulge me ;)
!#24.15 - Fri Sep 26, 2008 5:34 PM CDT

I agree - please. Debates of this nature can be very divisive and we have a real nice "team work" feeling going on here. Let's not mess it up. Respect everyone's right to their own beliefs. It's not necessary to dissect it.

!#24.16 - Fri Sep 26, 2008 5:37 PM CDT

Danny McGee
Teodoro: I'll respond to this with an article on my column sometime today and post a link back here when I'm finished. :) 0
!#24.17 - Sat Sep 27, 2008 10:16 AM CDT

Teodoro Leon 3
You know what? I'm tired of your crap and self edification. I responded to a comment with links to verify " Your" truths.These were very relevant as to why Troy, a black man,is on Death Row.I'll do you all a favor by respecting your "beliefs" ,as distorted and indoctrinated as they are...I'll never respond, need to look at your "articles".Why don't you slap yourself on your backs...give yourselves a RAV?!!But , I would suggest to you all that you really educate yourselves as to how you all have been greatly deceived,by your own ignorance,arrogance and closed -minded-ness.Really educate yourselves.Just one last "quote"..."the blind leading the blind shall both fall..."I've had enough of your belittlement and ridicule.And please delete my comments...as "worthless and inflammatory" as they are...I've copied and pasted them to my other sites.

!#24.18 - Sat Sep 27, 2008 10:43 AM CDT


Stay of Execution granted within 2hrs by SCOTUS(US Supreme Court)

UpDate: SCOTUS Grants Stay of Execution ,within 2 hrs. of Death ,until next Monday.
Troy Lives to see another day. Thank you God and thank you people...all of you.


Innocence Matters! Yoou Save Troy Davis,Now!

read IARNUOCON 's article :Georgia Prepares to Execute Man Who is Probably Innocent-- with updates

The credit for the article goes to IARNUOCON .I just used this "write article" due to the fact that I can put the Big picture by uploading it here.

Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles ,go to Contact and Clemency Buttons at top of page....follow link by clicking here

Or call them at the number below and write your concern to the address below...screw writing them ,not enough time....go there and protest!!

Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles
2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, SE
Suite 458, Balcony Level, East Tower
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-4909

Telephone: (404) 657-9350

Clemency_Information@pap.state.ga.us email to here

Contact Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue by linking here to electronic form...NOW!Send him your concern! <---- click here

If at the least,if you are so inclined,

PRAY for his Life and Peace

And if I had money to buy a ticket to go to Georgia I would go to Atlanta to PROTEST and make my presence known and the fact that I care.The Governors office and the Georgia State Board of Pardon and Parole.

My letter to Gov.Sonny Perdue...you can do this too, my friends...link at bottom of post and a phone number to the Governor

Troy Davis is set to be executed 9/23/08. And there is a disturbing question as to his Guilt.Many facts and recantations from the witnesses are pointing to his innocence.7 out of 9 witnesses are recanting their testimony.I know that an innocent man will be executed on 9/23/08 unless through your position of power you are able to stop it.By exercising your wisdom to ascertain the mercy that your office may impose on this man,justice may be meted out for all.


"Of nine witnesses, seven recanted. Of the two remaining witnesses, one is Sylvester "Red" Coles, the man who originally implicated Davis. Coles has uttered several post trial confessions to the murder, and admitted to having a gun during the incident, which he "threw away" prior to speaking with the police. Nine witnesses now identify Red Coles as MacPhail's killer."http://www.savannahnow.com/node/321990 (Lawyers seek new trial for Troy Davis).Please Sir, heed my plea for your intervention.Sincerely, Teodoro Leon III.
Blessed be God the Merciful, Forever.

Thank you for contacting us.
Governor Perdue has received your e-mail and appreciates hearing from you.
Unless you elected not to hear back from him, you will receive a direct response from Governor Perdue shortly. With the very high volume of messages and mail, we hope you will understand if there is a delay in responding. If this is an urgent or time-sensitive matter, please call us directly at
Contact the Governor<----click here


How I came to be stabbed 17 times.

Lion of Judah(click)

refresh page frequently Story In progress...
This is going to be a lengthy story, as it spans the course of a year ,I believe ,if my memory serves me correctly.But it doesn't end with the incidents of this year. It can be verified through records held in the Cleveland County Courthouse(motions,court minutes..etc.), records(I never received my copies and what they did send was heavily blacked out. Of course , I did get a letter from Janet Reno ) kept at the FBI that I instigated under the Omnibus Crime Act/RICO, the Roman Catholic Church( as a result of the assistance I received ) and who knows who else, as these things were not done in secret. It can not be written in one day, so this will be an evolving document, so in time , material will be added to continue the story.

1991.My wife and kids and I arrived in Oklahoma due to the availability of my wife's family and the fact that Tinker Air force Base was minutes from where her aunt and uncle lived.This was necessary and convenient for the birth of our daughter , Elena Roxanne at Tinker. The military had Bekins Moving and Storage transfer our personal and household goods and place them in storage in Houston, where we thought we were going to move and live .As a result of difficulties and stresses we encountered in Houston , we both agreed that, until the birth of Elena it would be wise for her to be around family, so we went to OKC.
Let me get to the meat of the title and then weave in and out ...

After the events of the day I was ready for some peace. But it was not to occur. While looking out the window of my apartment I noticed that Carl Todd Russell and David Brown were walking next to my building.My motorcycle was parked at the end of my stairs leading to my upstairs apartment. I understood,due to the inability or unwillingness of the police to protect me from the days earlier assault on my person by Carl Todd Russell( he ,with no instigation on my part, punched me in the forehead,HARD) and the repertoire he had with the police( shaking hands,slapping each other on the back...chummy ,chummy), that they were sent to instigate me. I was aware that they would attempt to cause damage to my "bike" to further instigate me, so that is the reason I had moved the bike from the parking lot to the foot of the stairs. But ,as he had assaulted me out of the blue ,I had put a stick(one of those white ,round wooden things found in newer Apartments closets to hang clothes on) in the net of my bike to fend off another attack. When I went downstairs to check on the bike,David Brown came out from underneath the stairwell and I thought we were fixing to fight. He had a smile on his face and stated that he and Carl Todd were sorry for the incident earlier in the day and to make up for it they wanted to smoke a joint with me as a peace offering. I told him that I was just baffled as to why Carl Todd had hit me in the first place but I was more than willingly to brush it under the rug, considering we were neighbors in the same apartment complex. I let him know I was going to just let my wife know were I was going. I went upstairs and told her were I would be. I noticed on the way down the stick on my bike was no longer there,so I asked David what happened to it. He said they threw it away,just to make sure there were no more problems. Good answer.As we approached the corner of his building to to turn right , he started going left . I asked him were he was going as I got to the corner and I saw the stick that had been on my bike arc and intersect with my nose full force by a swing of Carl Todd's hands. If my face had been a baseball ,it would have been a home run. I was infuriated,realizing I had been duped again. I asked him,as he threw this stick to David,"Why the Hell did you do that?" He responded something to the effect that they were going to fuck me up ." Not so tough without your sword are you?" I said, "what?" as David proceeded to pound me on top of my head with the stick. Well ,amazingly with the trauma already inflicted, I did not pass out, but instead grabbed that stick out of David 's hand and started to give him a dose of his own violence.Well, then this is when things got a little uglier.As I met the stick with David's head,Carl Todd stabbed me in the right bicep.I dropped the stick out of pained surprise. Now I knew for sure they meant to "Fuck me up!" David picked up the stick again and started to hit me. I had had enough of this and grabbed the stick out of his hands and raised it above my head with both hands and it exploded into a million splinters. Really! Like as if by magick. It surprised even me! Now David was hitting me with his fists, so I gave him a front kick right into his stomach and he exhaled "OOMPH!"I knew it really hurt him. But as my foot had connected with his stomach Carl Todd grabbed the opportunity to plunge that knife into my right thigh and pull down. He left an approximate 2-3 inch jagged gash .Son of a bitch ,now that one really hurt and it dawned on me they were not just trying to fuck me up, they were trying to kill me!! I immediately started bleeding profusely and I knew I had only minutes if not seconds to get away before I was not able to as a result of the profuse bleeding. I was pinned between them with a fence on one side and their building on one. Carl Todd continued to stab me as I rolled to the ground attempting to get away from the reach of the knife. I started losing consciousness,but I kept rolling. Now I came to the point that I was not rolling anywhere, I was just lying there. So now , they took their time with no fear . In fact I could see the pleasure they were having. At least they were happy at their work(LOL). I was on my back,when Carl told David to turn me over on my stomach, which he did.Carl then proceeded to stab me up and down my spine.Carl then told David to turn me over again and lift up my arm.He did. Carl then stabbed me in in my right(side) lung, causing a partial pneumothorax.My lung deflated. Now Carl instructed David to tilt my head back and open my mouth.Now I could tell by the look on Davids face that he was baffled. Carl actually got mad at him and threatened him and told him to do just what he told him. He tilted my head back and held my mouth open as Carl proceeded to remove from his back pocket a pint of Jack Daniels, open it, and pour it down my throat.My first thought was to give thanks to GOD for at least letting me have a good drink before I died. I know I then died.My doberman pinscher(Liebchen) had at this time been trying to breakout of the 2nd floor apartment(this is according to Ellen) by jumping through the living room(she sensed and probably could see what was happening to me from her vantage point,as to where I wound up after rolling.) window.This had freaked Ellen out as she had no idea what was going on outside.We had just earlier got Liebchen from an Airforce member who informed us that she was an Airforce trained security dog ,but that her commands were in German.Ellen put the leash on her and the dobie literally almost yanked her arm out of Ellen's socket as she dragged her over to me. She saw me lying on the ground and covered in blood but had not realized I had been stabbed and beaten so severely. I came to then and saw an angel with anguish on her face and I heard Liebchen whimpering. I heard Ellen yell," I see you motherfuckers hiding under the stairs and don't think I don't know who you are!"With Liebchen's help, she dragged me back to our building and left me at the bottom of the stairs, cause I couldn't go any further!She went to call the police, but the sirens were already in the air.The ambulance was there before she even called the police,within 2-3 minutes according to the time she dragged me to the stairs and she walked up them. She had just got off the phone with 911 when she came down the stairs and saw the paramedics cutting all my clothes off me. She then(being a 91-c ,e-5 in the army)realized the extent of my injuries.And she was pissed that they were letting me be exposed in full nudity( a crowd was gathering ,drawn by the sirens) .She then witnessed the police arrive and the assailants come out of the shadows and calmly walk over to the police and shake hands and hand over the knife. She said they were even laughing and slapping each other on the back.They obviously knew each other. I believe I died again. Next thing I know is the paramedics putting me in a pressure suit.I remember them trying to comfort me,telling me I was going to be okay. I think they were trying more to comfort themselves,it was horrific. And they could tell by the amount of wounds that this was not ordinary.They stuck me in the ambulance and I heard them say ,"we're losing him!"And then , "We lost him!!" And immediately I was in the most peace I had ever felt and knew I was going home.Yes, I saw the bright light.And was going toward it, but a voice immediately said to me,"You can come home,but before you make that decision ,be aware that they will kill the children."

It was no effort to decide and I found myself back in my body in the ER, coming to, hearing somebody yelling at me ,"What did you do with the stick that you attacked those men with!?" I became coherent enough to realize it was some woman cop yelling at me.

1987 William Beaumont Army Medical Center is located in El Paso , Texas, the place of my birth. I was training there through the Job Partnership Training Act on the Pre-op/post-op ward.Sgt. Nangle was my immediate supervisor. I was attending A.A. And N.A. .Though I was not really an abuser of drugs.Yes I did smoke Pot.But not during my "sobriety. It was on a condition that my grandmother stipulated if I was to stay with her(going to treatment , not giving up pot, didn't need it at the time).No, I am not in denial. I stayed sober and clean for a total of 2 years. I did the steps. The steps showed me how to empower myself. I still believe in them for those needing to know how do what they want and live.

A.A. is where I met Ellen. She started coming to the 12:00 meeting at the arid club in her white military nurses uniform and my first immediate impression was that she was extremely sick ,in every aspect, she was extremely anorexic.Gaunt.Eyes shrunken in the sockets.Very bright bleached blond hair that was damaged due to her condition.Extremely unattractive. But she was really animated.Sgt Ray Goin (my sponsor) introduced us."Ted, I 'd like you to meet Sgt.Ellen Spicer!" After listening to me speak in a couple of meetings and ascertaining that I was not a psycho she asked me out to coffee at the Village Inn, but she was quick to point out she only had a couple of dollars(LOL).We went in her car.She was not used to it. I tried to be a friend and I was.

I was allowed to do many things on the floor at WBMAC ( Ellen also worked here on the OB/GYN/Post Partum Ward)than other CNA's were allowed . I was basically training in the capacity of a 91b. The other civilian CNA's training there( and I think I saw only 2) only filled the water jugs,emptied urinals, changed linen ... etc. I suctioned tracheotomies, cleansed halo's,inserted and D/C'd catheters, under supervision of a nurse dispensed meds,enemas(B/O), including vitals and other things(assisted in a lumbar puncture and would perform depactions, De brie wounds, repack wounds).

I ran everyday and even participated with some of the enlisted and officers in a couple of marathons by their invitation.Ellen became a friend and I started showing her Juarez and the surrounding areas.White Sands, Ruiodoso,Las Cruces ,Carlsbad Caverns.And she enjoyed it and my company.I did not push myself on her and that attracted her. I was a gentleman. Still Am.Ellen had flunked her Pt test again and was desperate. I started by conditioning her appetite to increase her strength. She was more at peace than when I had first met her. Rock climbing at Hueco Tanks increased her stamina. Her muscles were turning athletic. I would get her Mc Donald's on the way to work . I made sure she ate. I introduced her to the foods of El Paso and Juarez. Chico's Tacos. Abuelitas Tamales. Ciro's Flautas.Villa de Mar.She started filling out. She loved the food and the company.I was her friend.
Then when she actually did PT with the Army I was there with her,side by side ,running...encouraging her. No not yelling.Being a friend. I had promised God that if she did not kill herself, in Oklahoma during a trip up there, that I would take care of her until she was able to take care of herself and live.She had recently bought a gun and had taken it up to Oklahoma with her on the trip( I was not aware of this at the time). I was at my Grandmothers house when she called after 10 p.m. and riled my Grandmother.She wanted to know what I was doing and I told her it was late and my Grandmother was irritated that she had called so late. She apologized and said that she would never do it again and I told her it was okay ...just watch the time.We said goodbye and hung up. I went back to bed and then got the horriblest feeling.Thoughts.The gun."Ill never do it again." The extreme sadness. Death. I knew what she was going to do , so I asked God immediately with tears in my eyes, if that he would allow her to live, I would take care of her and make her well.
When she came back from Oklahoma a few days later, she was so happy to see me.I was happy to see her! She confessed to me on her own that she was going to have killed herself while in Oklahoma. I asked her how? She said she was fixing to pull the trigger with the gun in her mouth but that at the last second she had not the desire to die. I asked her when this act occurred. She said a little while after she had gotten off the phone with me.She explained, that was the reason she had called, to say goodbye one last time. I told her I was glad she called and was aware that she was in mortal danger. And how I knew. And what I promised and to Who.She was so beautiful now.She glowed.
That is why I was with her, running PT on base with her.I eventually moved in with her at her request to help her with the rent and she said it would get me out of my grandmothers house. I agreed. My dad had been calling everyone in the family to pressure my grandmother to throw me out.I thanked her and accepted her offer.

CID Civilian Special Agent Prospect 31D(1811)97E Human Intelligence Collectorclick here to read
Now the military took notice of these abilities and the actions. They saw Ellen's transformation within a matter of months.They saw to what extent I was willingly to go for a human being . And what change I effected.Nothing is done in secret. Especially on a military base.
Sgt. Nangle wanted to have a word in the report room with me.That's where he told me that he and Sgt. O'reilly(Reilly?), his immediate , and a few others had noticed my abilities and what I did on base and were very impressed. He asked me if I knew what CID was? Not really ,I told him. He explained that It stood for Criminal Investigation Division of the Army. I was sort of baffled.So he said flatly "we can always use someone with your proven abilities in CID." He was trying to recruit me into CID based on what they had observed at the A.A. meetings(many military attended including SSgt. Ray Goins,counselor at the ADAPC[Army alcohol drug abuse prevention and control program
mpdadapc ], my interaction with Ellen(Sgt.), My interaction with the people of the hospital,my interaction in general and my ability to effect a change for the better. I told him I was not really interested. He said for me to think about it. I told him I really didn't feel like going to Basic training .I would not have to go to basic training, as I Had already proved myself, he told me. He again told me to think about it. He emphasized that they wanted me just as I was.Desperately.
He came to me several more times to offer me a position in CID. Each time I had a reason.I don't want to cut my hair. He told me that they did not want me to cut my hair . I told him that I did not want to be subject to any one like the lieutenant that had given me a little grief. He said I would be an undercover civilian special agent not subject to ordinary active duty restrictions or protocols or personnel. The reality of the matter was that I was not going to put myself under duress . I was aware that at some point or another I was going to be ordered to commit murder. I could not put myself in that position.If I did commit murder, I was subjecting myself to my own death. If I disobeyed an order I was in danger of being put in prison until I conformed. I understood the way agencies applied stressors to meet their agendas. I was not going to play a
dysfunctional game of life and death.
1992 Right before the stabbing
Ellen was a beautiful woman and had an intense sexual energy. I nurtured her.She had always wanted to dance and while living in El Paso we had went to a club off N. Mesa to checkout the conditions. My intuition said that the club was filthy.Clubs are run primarily in El Paso by organized crime that subjects it's employees to stressors that promote enslavement to drug addiction and prostitution.It was a bad scene. It was evil.We left when the man running the place wanted a private demonstration without me there.She was not under the influence of drugs and she was not looking to be a whore.Neither of us wanted to place her in any compromising positions.Sexuality is not a negative until perverse individuals would defile a woman's or mans humanity through enslavement and degradation of a gift from God.The sex act is a totally different creature than the sexual aura emanating from a being that enacts creational energy and encompasses completeness.Take love and sex.Each of them, of it self ,is a separate gift.But they can not be separately ,denied.They are both gifts.Both are of the highest value and to fully understand the value one must unite them.Sex is good in that it allows one to experience on the deepest level another's intimate humanity.Love is good that it allows one to experience on the deepest intimate level God and humanity simultaneously.Now, sex and love experienced together results in the paradox that God allows through the act of procreation,the union of love ,sex,humanity and GOD for the purpose of eternal Life.We are creatures of creation brought forth by the ultimate love, the forethought of God, our Father ,Pleroma;The Fullness of God.The sex act without love is equal to an individual defecating to release built up matter. It is only beneficial for the individual with no concern, regard or benefit to the other individual ,as if the other person is not involved. What a lie it is to pretend that nothing is exchanged through the act of "Casual sex".Each denies the full beauty.Or tries to.When sex is experienced with love God is recognized and fully appreciated ,so then the parties are made whole.Complete.Pleroma=the fullness of GOD.
Alot of people don't know this.Sexuality is not the sex act.The sex act is part of sexuality .Most don't realize it.They are piggish in their minds and spirit.Until they are shown.
Ellen had found a place to be free.It was Sugar's in Norman ,Oklahoma.The beautiful magickal creature that owned and ran it was Karen Summers. She also occasionally danced.She ran it as clean and with as much dignity that a girl would need.Me and Ellen took it a step further.I did not shame her and burden her with guilt for her beauty, and beautiful and magickal she was when on stage.They all loved her.Her being enamated a sexual energy of wellness. It was not perverse.Through her sexuality she was able to effect a change in everybody.Dancers were not degrading themselves in their minds with shame and guilt for being dancers and sexual. Every one is.Men were eventually of mind and spirit change in that they were not perverting the girls . It was turning into a healthy mind.Healthy enough for some of the men to start bringing their wives along too.Men, not knowing me ,would come and sit at my table and remark how beautiful Misty was and how they could feel like an electrical ,magickal energy.It was intoxicating...like they were truly alive.I would tell them it was probably because "Misty " was my wife. They would immediately reach over and shake my hand and congratulate me for allowing her to dance," I don't know how you are able to stand watching other men look at her dance... I couldn't do it". I told them I don't stand anything because it was as simple as what they had just remarked, she was just dancing and they were just watching. " I wish my wife could be free and beautiful too".She can." How?" Don't lie.Don't hide.Don't shame.Don't pervert.Give thanks to God for all good things he made.All things He made.They would always have tears in their eyes. It was so simple.They'd all be so happy they'd buy another pitcher of beer though there was already 2-3 pitchers on the table, that I had not bought.And no, I never asked for payment or anything.
Yes, they started bringing their wives and girlfiends.It was a very healthy atmosphere .We all prospered.

One day while walking through the front door of Sugar's I was taking my wallet out to show my State ID to the bouncer and my military ID(dependent,Ellen was still in some capacity attached to the military) fell out right at the feet of the bouncer. He immediately picks it up and remarks,"We thought you were in the military!" I told him that it was Ellen who was the Sgt. in the Army." Sure Sargeant!"Well ,the ball was rolling.

I don't know how long it took for things to change ,but they did.
I started feeling unwelcome at the club, but not by all.Just the main characters.Bouncers. Certain individuals. I had bought my sword(spanish) for the intent of being in the Medieval Fair, held in Norman at the Duck Pond then,at the invitation of Adam Pendragon and the men in his group, which included a few of the bouncers .All of a sudden I received some really cold shoulders.Adam Pendragon was ill at ease around me.Yes that is really his name. But I could tell he was not going willingly along with the animosity I was receiving. I was, for awhile, not allowed in the club while Ellen was working. That came to end real quick. Someone was trying to separate me and Ellen. I was there ,at times, to make sure no one tried to influence her with incentives that were just too good to be true.
For example; $250 to go have breakfast after work with a "client".No man is going to pay $250 for breakfast and not expect anything else.They were prospecting.They were evil.
For example; the time one of these men handed her a little brown bottle with coke in it, about 1-2 grams.She immediately left that mans table and came to show me the bottle. I told her to go to the bathroom and dispose of the contents , and ,no , not up her nose, we did not do manmade adulterants.And she brought me back the bottle empty,and washed out and I took it from her and wiped off any fingerprints on it and wrapped it in a napkin and told her to go give it back to him. He was mad!He was being used by a third party.I had told her to tell him what she did with it. He was mad ," Do you know how much money you flushed down the toilet?" That's when I went over to him ,after she left his table and told him never to attempt to enslave her again.I went back to my table.
Immediately,a man from another table got up and went to his and bent over to talk to him .They were both obviously very irrate, their faces were flush. They both looked around anxiously and left together.One was a cop,undercover.The other was his stool pigeon.And it wasn't for the purpose of busting some coke heads. It was to enslave and then manipulate.Lots of satanism in Norman.I was not aware to the extent until later.
Well, one night ,closing time was approaching and I was driving. I drank when I was there with Ellen as she worked.To fit in and to have a good time.She drove home, as she was not drinking at this time ,while she was at work.She never questioned my drinking or commented on it in the negative.Her dad had a problem and she knew the difference.
I was driving because I had not been drinking at that time of night. Earlier in the day I had a couple of beers,but that was like 2:00p.m. and it was now approaching 2:00 a.m. and I hadn't drank anything since. I left the bar early to warm up the car and to move it closer to the front of the club.There was still ice on the ground and I didn't want her falling in her heels.
On the way to the car I almost busted my own ass on the ice.I noticed the moon and thought to myself that it was a high magickal night. I was wearing the White Duster she had custom made for me. The moon was at a crescent with a star right beneath it. The night had electricity in the air. I looked like a wizard. I was the magick! I had started the car and it warmed up. I listened to a little music.
I turned on to asp and started south. I had the music a little loud but still noticed the tires squeel when I let out the clutch, and thought to my self that it was strange.When I got to boyd at the light I engaged the clutch. The Car was revving high. I couldn't figure it out for a sec .When the light turned green I let out the clutch and the car peeled out. I was a little baffled. I went down Buchanan and then right to white.At the stop sign I finally figured it out that what was causing the high revving. The carpet had gotten wedged underneath the accelerator some how and was stuck in the high revving position.I thought, thank God it wasn't something more serious. I attempted to dislodge the carpet with my foot but it was not working. Another car was approaching from behind me also peeling it's tires , I figured they were drunk, and didn't want them crashing into me from behind.(I think they were just immitating me,lol) So I took off again from the stop sign with the tires squeeling.There was still no parking spots in front of the building so I again then went around the block attempting to outrun the drunks and dislodge the carpet at the same time. I again returned to white and asp and at a last effort opened my door and tried to reach under the steering wheel to grab at the carpet. This was a brand new Ford escort, very cramped. I could not reach it .And then again here was the drunks coming behind me. I left the stop sign tires spinning ,again. Luckily , a space had opened up right in front of the building and I pulled in there. And turned off the car.I couldn't open the door as wide as I had at the stop sign so was attemptning again to reach it with my arm under the steering wheel.As I was doing this , my face was parrallel with the side mirror,and I noticed two Norman Police officers approaching my vehicle from behind on foot.
Why arrogance dictated that I be eliminated, some of the reasons...
Well. I knew all I had to do was explain what had just happened so I started exiting my vehicle. My duster was entangled and I was having a little hard time getting out. I got out as soon as they reached my car. I immediately tried to explain what they had just saw and heard.Treat and Stacy. They were very offensive at the start.They were asking questions and I attempted to answer them as civily as possible."What are you doing here?" I 'm here picking up my wife."what do you mean picking up my wife?" I explained that my wife was fixing to get off work."Where does she work?" At Sugar's. "Oooh, she a dancer? Look ,his wife is a slut that works at Sugar's." I told them as politely as I could that my wife was a dancer."That's what I said , a slut." " You don't mind if we search your car,do you?"

'Yes, I do mind, but what would you be searching for?'
" Pot,why, got some pot in your car?"
' No I don't.'
" Then you'll consent to a search if you have nothing to hide,right?"
'No I don't have any pot in the car or anything to hide.'
"Then you'll let us search your car."
'Because you don't have probable cause.'
" Oh, a smart ass!"
'No , I'm just answering your question. I am a constitutionalist.You don't have probable cause to search my car for pot.'
"Look, we are going to ask you one more time and if you don't consent we are going to arrest you for DUI and then search your car!"
'Go ahead and arrest me for DUI and search my car but you are going to have to give me a breath analysis.And then you are not going to find any pot in the car anyway...'
"Place him under arrest." "Mr Leon, you are under arrest for DUI."
'My wife is fixing to come out and she knows that I am not under the influence.'
At this time, a crowd had started to gather , as it was closing time on the strip, and there must have been at least a hundred people on the sidewalks.
"Go get that slut out of Sugar's, oh I'm sorry ,I meant dancer,now what does she go by?"
" Now go into Sugar's and get Misty."
This is the time that someone says to Misty,"Misty,they are arresting Ted."
"For what?" Ellen asks. She had already left the club before the officer had entered.She had walked up as they were handcuffing and searching me. They had sat me on the curb.She asked me what was going on and I tried to explain what had happened but things were tense in the air so I barely got out that I was being arrested for DUI. She stated to the oficers that she knew that I had not been drinking as I had been there at the club for a couple of hours and it was a small club. I explained to her that they had wanted to search the car without probable cause and when I had refused ,they had placed me under arrest for DUI and were searching the car under that pretext.They did not like that.One officer told the other to place me in the patrol car as he was searching the car, throwing personal items on top of the roof of the car nonchalantly.
When he came to the K-bar Knife I had received from my wife from the military he made the statement in a very loud voice for all the crowd to hear," See ,he could have stabbed me with this!"
Now Ellen was getting a little heated as she tried to handle the absurd scene.The police were trying to provoke her. I tried to tell her it was going to be okay, as they still had to give me a breath analyzer.They stuck me in the patrol car.I guess more police had showed up as the arresting offficers were on foot when it all started.They had no car.
The officer had put me on my stomach in the back seat so that I could not see what was going on and my duster was entangled again around my legs. I attempted to use the feet to position myself upright.And I could only do that by putting my feet against the window. Well ,somebody in the crowd got the wrong impression and decided to put their two cents in,"Look officers ,he trying to kick out the back window!" Well that just pissed the cops off.
"You son of a bitch,teach you to kick my window out!" I did not know he was going to open the car door. I was still on my stomach. He opened the door so fast that my feet ,still up in the air ,came and hit him somewhere.Now he was really pissed. But he lifted the legs ,that were now sticking out of the door ,and tried to slam the door shut.My feet or the legs prevented the door from closing and it bounced back and hit the officer,the door that is.He managed to close the door but his face was sure red.Embarrassed.There was over a hundred people watching the scene unfold and some were getting a kick out of the bungles.Someone in the crowd was juicing them up.
I tried again to sit myself up with success.Now I could see the officer trying to put his hands on Ellen...and she was not going to have any of it. By this time they were ignoring me and I knew that if I did not create a distracton that they were going to provoke Ellen into getting arrested.So I removed my handcuffs and of course the instigator in the crowd responded like I thought he would.I tapped the handcuffs lightly on the window and that person said, "Oh,my God, he took off his handcuffs!"
Again , the officer ran back to the car and yanked the door open so hard it hit him somehow.Now he was even madder. In the rush to yank me out of the car, as he was reaching in he hit his head on the roof of the car.Now he yanked me out and he couldn't put the handcuffs on efficiently as a result of the duster and his agitation. So he finally got the handcuffs on,hands behind my back.He stuck me back in the car. I immediately removed them again and tapped on the window again and the instigator again responded ,"He took the handcuffs off again!"Mr. Policeman was really pissed now.At least it was working, they forgot about my wife.
He came to the patrol car and for the last time removed me and replaced the cuffs on my hands behind my back. But instead of placing me in the car he placed one hand on my collar and the other on my hands. He started running with me. Somebody else in the crowd shouted,"They are going to kill him!"
He ran with me and attempted to throw me on my face. I saw it coming, so I twisted to my side and landed on my left shoulder. Now he was really mad.With me lying on my stomach , he now grabbed me by the back of my head , fingers wrapped in my hair,and pulled me to my knees.He then ,as hard as he could slammed my face into the pavement."They're killing him!" someone shouted.That wasn't the end.Now the officers(6-8 now) dragged me between two patrol cars parked on the street behind my car.(I heard Ellen scream ," Let me go you son of a bitch!!"William the bouncer had held her to stop her from running to me, my poor baby was in anguish, I could hear it in her voice)They thought no one could see. They surrounded me and proceeded to kick and stomp on me for a couple of minutes.Or more.Now there were a few in the crowd that expressed shock at the police action of brutality,"They killed him!"
I thought I was dead. I had blood all over me. My pretty duster was soaked with blood.My wife was safe.( I miss you ,Ellen.)
Now ,when my head had cleared, I found myself sitting on the sidewalk. A police supervisor had arrived( or was there the whole time) and proceeded to ask me what had happened. I simply stated that I had refused to a consent of my car and the officers got mad when I explained to them that they did not have probable cause ,hence my refusal.Pointing to my face ,"This is what happened." He acted like he sympathized."Everything is going to be okay,we're going to get you some medical attention.You do want medical attention?" Yes , of course.
I was taken to Norman Regional Hospital.As soon as I arrived I was taken to an ER
bay where the doctor immediately told someone to," catheritize him and get a sample!". I've done many catheritizations and knew the time and effort it took.
"What do you mean catheritization? What about my face?" My face and my whole body was wracked with pain.My nose was a mess and throbbing like hell!
The doctor or whoever he was said immediately,"Oh, he's refusing medical treatment, get him the hell out of here!" They were quick!
I told him as the officer was leading me away that I was not refusing treatment, I just knew that the priority was to attend to my injuries. "What the Hell is wrong with you' People'!"
I was put back in the patrol car. The arresting officer started going through my wallet. He noticed the military ID after I brought it to his attention."You're in the military?" No , my wife is, she's a sargeant in the Army.
"Why didn't you tell me this before..."
I was trying to explain many things but I was never given the chance.He was embarassed.And afraid.Shame.It quickly went away.
I was taken to the Cleveland County Detention Center. I was presented in front of the intake officer.It was probably Stokes.They started processing me.My hands were still behind my back, cuffed.There were alot of officers behind me.They were mocking me and attempting to provoke me,"Mr .tough guy!"" Mr... what did he call himself... a constitutionalist".With my hands cuffed behind my back,Cowards.
I was told to sign on a line. I was told I did not have to read it. I asked what it was.Just standard jail forms , I was told. I decided to try to read it."No, just sign it,Mr. Leon!" It was a waiver for any injuries that I had received. I told them I was not going to sign it.
We'll make you sign it.We'll take you to a holding cell and these officers will help you sign it...(or something to that effect). I turned around and stated to them all
that if they would take off my handcuffs we would see if they would be able to make do anything."Come on you motherfuckers, take them off !!"I guess somebody had decided that it was a good idea to leave the cuffs on. I think it was the arresting officer...the one that finally noticed the military ID.They were cowards but they became very afraid and did not carry out the threats.In fact the intake process came to an abrupt stop.Maybe they remembered that I could take my cuffs off myself ,at my leisure.
They charged me with a DUI. I got an attorney. I thought the attorney had put in a personal injury claim for $100,000. Not that I was greedy.Punitive damages.People were getting abused left and right by those in positions of power.Rodney King.The director of NORML California.As comfortable as they were in the games they played with me I was certain that it had happened before and that they were well rehearsed.Not again.Hit them were it hurts.Arrogance and money.
Well, before I got an attorney ,I was to present myself before the Judge for arraingment. I made it to court and waited for my name to be called in the biggest courtroom in the house.
I went in front of the presiding arraigning Judge.An elderly man. To this day I do not know his name. He presented the facts.He asked me how I plead,"Nolo Contendere "or "Guilty." I guess they thought that I did not know a little Latin.They were going to try to hoodwink me.They were ignorant.
" Your honor ,with all due respect, I believe that I am entitled to a plea of "not guilty".
Not for misdemeanors. Not in this(my) county.Now, nolo or guilty?
"Your honor, the constitution guarantees that any time a person is in danger of his freedom being lost due to a criminal charge imposed by an entity he is entitled to a plea of not only "not guilty" but also a trial by a jury of his peers."
Mr. Leon, maybe you didn't understand what I meant when I said that misdemeanors are only settled in this county by a one or the other pleas...Guilty or nolo contendere.
"With all due respect,your honor,anytime my freedoms are in danger of being infringed upon...."
Mr. Leon ,I really don't have the time to debate legalities with you...return to this court on this date." He then handed me a court minute.It was dated for me to return the next day.I held on to it.
Me and Ellen returned to the court room the next day according to what was on the minute.There was nobody present in the courtroom. I checked the time again.Yes, right courtroom ,right time. I then went to look for the office of the judge.I believe the secretary told me to go to another courtroom.I did.I was advised that a warrant had been issued for my arrest due to not appearing in court in a timely manner as per instructions.
I told the Judge that I was right on time and in fact early.He repeated what he had just said. I told him that according to the court minute I was early.He asked me what court minute. I removed the minute from my pocket and informed him that I had made a copy of it. He looked a little flushed.He gave me another court minute instructing me to return at another later date. I don't know how many times this occurred and how many times they tried to trump me up.I do know that it was not long, before I went to the FBI and filed a grievance under the Omnibus Crime Act/click to learnRICORacketeering{definition}.
I believe that I also filed a grievance with the OSBI."They" did not like that at all.It was the good ol' boy system. Counties are fiefdoms.Power,control,Greed.The facade is that things are different in this age.Nothing has really changed.same old story.We are just blinder.An illusion.
It was a short time later that every agency in the state of Oklahoma was in on the game. Maybe not all the agencies themselves ,but members within them ...acting individually or not..time will tell.

Encounters with Law Enforcement
I was stopped by a State Trooper on the way back from an outing with my family in eastern Oklahoma. This Trooper detained us illegally for 2 1/2 hours.He insisted that I had Pot in the car.He also insisted that I consent to a search of the vehicle.I told him that he did not have probable cause .He also got mad.This time they were not going to be able to beat me .No other troopers arrived.I guess witnesses were not needed.At two hours a dog handler finally showed up.he walked the dog around the car several times.I heard him tell the Trooper that the dog had not hit on the car and in his opinion ,there was no Pot in the vehicle.The dog handler and the Trooper then took a walk behind the Troopers car and had about a 4 minute conversation.The dog handler then proceeded to walk the dog around the car again,focusing on the trunk.The dog just stood there.The dog handler then said that the dog had hit on the trunk.The Trooper then again asked me if I would consent to a search. I again said no.The handler then walked the dog around the car again.He then became very frustrated, he literally picked up the dog and threw him up on the trunk and stated,"Officer,the dog hit on the trunk!"The Trooper was happy. I immediately told them the dog did not hit on anything as there was no Pot in the car and that they were well aware of it. He told me to open the trunk of the car. I asked the trooper if he had a camera on his car.He said that he did. I told him that the period of time he had detained me and the fact that the video would show the handler throwing the dog on the trunk would not only acquit me but a lawsuit was evident considering they would not find any Pot in the trunk and considering how long would it take for some evidence to "show up" would further undermine their arrest.Was the dog handler willing to go to that extent and testify to this.They both looked very uneasy.they again went to the back of the car and consulted.the Trooper came back and the handler left with his dog . The Trooper wrote me a ticket and told me I was free to go.A judge in Seminole County dismissed the case after I told him the specifics.Like the Trooper spot lighting my young daughter while he made her urinate on the side of the road on I-40.

I had gone to the RedDog to checkout the scene and was aware that I was being watched. I did not have but iced tea to drink and fried mushrooms and some chicken fingers. I ate and watched the dancers. This is a club that was dirty. Nice club.Dirty. The dancers were not really dancing. Well,I guess they were, but there was no magick to it.And the attitude was piggish, both the customers and the dancers.Well, not all of them ,though the majority. I left after eating. A few minutes later I was driving down I-240(I-44) near SW 15 when I noticed a car following me flashing it's bright lights on and off.And it was coming up on me fast. Then it passed me. Then it pulled in front of me . And then slammed on it brakes. I swerved around it and kept on going. Then it started coming up on me again fast, flashing it's brights on and off. It was right on my tail. So then it tried to side swipe me. I sped up and tried to get away from it and it continued to follow me. I pulled off the side at around SW 59 street on the freeway. This person then pulled over directly in front of me and screeched to a halt. I got out of my car and started walking to the car when a man exited the vehicle.I recognized him from the RedDog. Except now he had a weapon on his side and a badge on his belt. He was sort of staggering.Poor guy must've had a few beers too many while on the duty of following me and he was the worst for it. I continued to approach him and he went for his gun. I asked him," What are you going to do ,shoot me right here? Wait a minute..., you've been drinking haven't you?"He looked startled. He immediately got in his car and sped off.

"Coming to" in the emergency room to the sounds of Yelling after the Stabbing.

I awoke in the hospital( I more like came to...I had been having a conversation of sorts) with the woman police officer that was yelling at me to tell her what I had done with the stick I had assaulted the poor guys with . I came to remembering that I said something about the CIA,FBI and who knows what else except it sounded like somebody elses mind and voice.When I realized it was me speaking, I subdued it a bit.But I did manage to ask her," What the hell are you talking about?Who the hell is the one with stab wounds lying on this table."She was continuing to yell at me insisting that it was me who had instigated the "encounter" and she wanted to know what I did with the stick."You need to ask the son of a bitches who stabbed me...how many times doctor?" I stopped counting at 17(they didn't count the ones to my skull)."Ask the guys who stabbed me 17 times."The officer and I were in a shouting match...so I asked her to," get the fuck out of my face!". I was very agitated and the doctor finally asked her to leave.She relunctantly left.I had a partial (rt)pneumo thorax.The doctor needed to insert a chest tube.

I awoke again on the floor in a private room with my wife in a chair waiting for me .Oh, how I loved her and was glad she was there.She looked so distraught.So much stress on her face.But she was beautiful.I felt bad for her.It was lightning and thundering outside the window as if all Heaven was enwrathed.Just a hundred fingers of lightning reaching across the sky.Tremendous columns of ground strikes.I could feel the explosiveness through the reverberation of the window.

I had a chest tube in my side,a catheter and I.V.'s.Plus an oxygen mask.I started going into shock.I started to profusely sweat and go white as a ghost.Ellen being a nurse realized this was due to the "demerol" wearing off. That is why I had regained conciousness,the pain was excessively severe,especially the chest tube.She immediately went to the nurses station and came back with a nurse who was just on her way to give me my scheduled dose.She pushed the whole thing through without the required interval.I felt immediate relief and went under again.

About a day later I was still on the floor and I had a visitor.It was the lady in charge of getting the hospital bill payed.Finance director..or something like that title.She immediately started asking me about insurance.No.Sorry , don't have any insurance.Medicare.Medicaid.No. Those neither.Credit Cards.Huh?

Well, Mr. Leon ,how do you plan to pay for the bill?

She started getting real snooty and mean. I was taken aback. I finally started feeling some anxiety considering the badgering she was dishing out. I felt distress. "Well, I guess I'll sue the county of Cleveland and the city of Norman and you'll get your money that way!" is what I finally told her.

Well , that is not the way we work out these financial debts at the hospital.So you don't have the money to pay the bill?

"Well, not at this moment! Like I said ,we'll sue and you 'll get your money that way" I was starting to get very agitated again and the pain was coming to a head and Ellen noticed that I was fixing to go into shock again.She told her to leave and to come back at a more appropriate time.This lady got really mad and stomped out of the room.

It wasn't more than 45 minutes later that my Doctor(McCurdy,Sen.Dave Mc Curdy's brother) came into the room and asked me how I was doing.

I told him I was still experiencing alot of pain,considering I had all the things stuck in me.

He said good.Glad your doing better. I am going to discharge you then."What ,later on this week?"

No. Right now.

"Right now? What about this chesttube and the I.V.'s and the catheter?"

No problem.He proceeded to remove some packing gauze and some surgical tape from his smock and asked me to hold my breath and to not let it out until he told me to.Understand?

I held my breath.He said it was going to hurt a bit but not to let out my breath no matter what,until he said so. Understand?I nodded...my breath was short. He had torn off some tape while saying these things and had stuck them on the bed.He peeled the tape securing the chest tube back and then with one pull yanked out the tube(1 1/2 ft) out. Yes it did hurt. I was immediately bathed in sweat.He packed the wound with some gauze and then applied the tape.

There you go , all done.

I was in disbelief.And in pain.

I managed to ask him as he was on the way out the door, "Hey ,what about the I.V.'s and the catheter?"

The nurse wil be in a minute to DC them.She was there before his prediction.After DC'ing these devices she had the nerve to ask me if I needed a wheelchair.My wife was pissed."Of course he needs a wheelchair!" That nurse never came back with a wheelchair.Ellen had to go find one.They kicked me out of the hospital with 17 stab wounds that had not even begin to heal after less then two or three days in the hospital. Agendas.

We returned to the apartment.I could barely make it up the stairs. I was afraid of tearing the stitches out of my legs. I had been stabbed in every part of my body. Besides the severe jagged gash in my right thigh, I also had two huge holes in my left thigh. A couple of punctures in my left shin...only stopped by the bone. A puncture wound behind the left knee. Several punctures to my back...up and down my spine. A couple of punctures to the top of my head. A wound to my right arm. One to the left. A nice one to the right lung.Besides the trauma I had received to my head from being repeatedly plummeted with the stick.The assailants had not stabbed me in the heart or cut my throat as to make it look as if they were defending themselves.And they didn't want me dying to soon. They wanted to inflict pain. They had left me for dead. I was dead when they left me.

I was not to rest in peace.Recover from my injuries? Not lying on my back.

David and Carl Todd immediately resumed were they had left off before stabbing me .No ,they were not in jail.They were in plain view preying . They were not afraid.And they were not alone.Little did I know before we moved into this neighborhood that this was a drug dealing area.Chalmette Drive.Several different small complexes in a two or three block radius. They had recruited some new help of different spectrums of the races.They were on the prowl!Day and night.I went to the FBI.

At this time the FBI was located at 50 Penn Place. I walked in to the reception area and I believe I filled out some sort of request form.Very sterile.

I was ushered to a room on the otherside of the waiting area. An agent greeted me and introduced himself as a special agent in charge. He looked pained. I told him as much as he already knew. I knew that he(The FBI) could not provide me protection but I suppose I went there to get it made known and documented that "they" were still after my life and running on the prowl. The agent had tears well up in his eyes as he explained his hands were tied as what he could do for me .Except that he gave me his card and told me it was my right arm myself with a weapon for my protection and he suggested I buy a gun.Under the constitution, I was entitled to bear arms.

I told him they were not going to buy into the fact that I was armed and would use it to further justify their attempts on my life.He suggested that I go down to the DA's office in Cleveland County and tell the prosecutor that I was in fear of my life and my families lives and that I was armed according to the benefits of the constitution.If the DA had any questions I was to tell him where I was instructed of these rights and give him this agents card. I was to carry it on my side as not to break any concealed weapons laws (as they were designed to infringe) .And I did it for the psychological affect it produced. I thanked the agent for this invaluable talk I had and he shook my hand and said something like it was his pleasure.He was sincere in his help.I'll never forget him and the few words that empowered me.I left the building.

I went and bought a weapon and got some extra clips.Hollow points 380. So much power in such a compact size. I went to see the DA in the Cleveland County Court House.Mr. Sitzman.

Mr. Sitzman was not happy to see me.What can I do for you Mr.Leon?

" Mr.Sitzman, I would like to tell you that I am here to inform you that I am in fear of my life and my families lives and that I am armed according to the benefits of the constitution and as such ,if any law enforcement agent or officer or associates with your office attempts to stop me again I will shoot first and ask questions later, as your people would and if you had any questions you were to call this number on this card." I handed him the card and his face got really red.

Are you threating us Mr. Leon?And you'd better have not brought a gun into my office. You have a gun on you?

"No,Mr. Sitzman I am not threatning you ,I'm telling you what is going to happen if anybody associated with your system attempts to stop me as I am in fear of my life and my families lives, so you get the word out. And no I did not bring a weapon into your office...I left it out in the car and will put it on as soon as I get to the car." He was furious! I told him that I thought we had said all we were going to say and I left.Ellen of course was with me.

I did not have any trouble with anyone attempting to stop me again... for along time.Well until this situation was over.

I returned to the apartment and had for some reason left the gun in the left side door compartment of the car. It was easier to reach here than it was to remove it from my hip while driving.I wasn't more than twenty feet from the car walking towards the stairs when Carl Todd walked around the corner of his building and started to open his knife as he walked towards me. I immediately ran back to the car and reached into the side door and removed the gun and chambered a round.He stopped dead in his tracks.I quess somebody forgot to tell him that I was carrying a weapon.These people play real dirty.They were probably hoping that I would have put a couple of holes in this pawn.Life was cheap for them.

The cops were there within two minutes after he ran back around to his side of the building. I was by that time just in my apartment.They came knocking on the door. I answered.The police wanted me to come outside. I stayed in the apartment.Now they said they had witnesses that said that I had pointed a gun at Carl Todd. I asked them to describe it. A neighbor across the way beckoned one of the officers to his apartment on the first floor. He told them flatly that I had not drawn a weapon on the guy but that in fact it was the other way around. I think this guy was undercover DEA. They backed off real fast.Of course ,Carl Todd was still running free.He was pissed.And so were the others. It was a real murderous scene. I was swimming with the sharks.

Magick was my pit bull/labrador mix .He was beautiful and deadly.Liebschen had conditioned Magick. They both were very loyal and trained.Deadly. I still had to take them to go to the restroom outside.No, I wasn't putting Ellen in harms way by allowing her to go outside by herself. The dogs could smell the evil in the air and they were sweating it out. They were in a heightened state of awareness.As a result they were expelling more toxins than usual causing them to have to go to the restroom more often. They were not cowards but they were literally excreting an oily sweat.They were stressed.

I could see men hiding in the shadows from my second floor windows. They were applying psychological stressors. I was afraid they would take random shots at the windows.They were all dressed darkly and running from shadow from shadow in the dead of night.They knew what they were doing.

Liebschen and Magick had to go bad and there was no more delaying the matter.

I put my Buck (6")knife into it's sheath that I carried on my belt and armed myself with the gun.

I went to the other side of the building to stay in the dark to my advantage.Magick was jet black and so was most of Liebschen's markings.

Four to five guys two buildings away started walking fast in my direction.I waited for them to get close enough to hear.I then chambered a round. They heard it and stopped, then started going backwards. I told them to,"Come back ,you motherfuckers." I quess nobody had told them, either ,that I was armed.I had to take the dogs in as they were wanting to go after these people and I was having a hard time holding them back.
I took the dogs in and watched the people run from shadow to shadow from the darkness of the apartment.
I went to see the attorney Patrick Chesley, the one I assumed had put in the claim for personal injury at $100,000.00.He had previously shown his true colors in our dealings. let's put it this way, he worked in Cleveland County.
He had stated that the city had offered a settlement of $10,000.00 for the personal injury.I asked him about the $100,000. He said the initial claim had been entered for 50,000.He thought the $10,000. was a good offer.He thought I should take it.
It was totally 180 degree turn from what he had offered me and what he told me what he could do for me. I had told him I would not accept the ten thousand.I knew the games they played.Convict me ,then recoup the money through fines ,court costs, attorney fees...etc.I would have been lucky to come out with a dollar to my name.He got really mad.
So there I was again in his office after getting stabbed not even a week later. His disposition was again different.He was afraid. really afraid!He was as white a Casper the Ghost.And sickly.
I already knew what he needed to say.He was afraid for a reason.He was a smart man.He had family.He needed to withdraw from the case.
"Mr.Leon, I need you to allow me to withdraw from your case.I am afraid for myself and my family.If they did this to you with impunity (stabbings,intimidation and harassment)with no second thoughts ,imagine what they will do to me or my family if I pursue this matter.I'm sorry...I really did all I thought I could do."
I told him that I truly understood the dire circumstances he was under.I did not blame him.How could I as I looked at the tears roll down his face.
We presented ourselves before the judge and I allowed him to withdraw from the case.The judge and the DA had a smirk on their faces.These officials were good in the games they played and how they forced people under duress to do their perceived will.
Let us jump to the next year.1993
The Trial by Judge.
" Mr. Leon, can you state for the record what you said about Forgiveness to the district attorney ,Mr. Sitzman?"
I had just arrived in the courtroom after telling my worthless public defender that all I needed him there in the courtroom was for him to to be present.He did not object to the judges inquiry.
About forgiveness?
"Yes, Mr. Leon,the statement you made to the Districy Attorney, Mr Sitzman in his office."
I was incensed then when I made this statement to the DA and was now as I repeated it to the Judge .It was intended to belittle and humiliate me if not outright make me look ridiculous,eccentric and psychotic.
I had to tell the truth...my calling.That's why I came.
Now it's been many years since this scene and I cannot honestly say that I can quote it verbatim , not having the benefit of the transcript in front of me, so it my variate a slight bit from the actual transcript. But I will write down the gest of what I remember.
Oh, on forgiveness. Yes, I know that forgiveness in this case is a grace from God due to the fact that it would not have been humanly possible for me to forgive you all for willingly doing to me and my family what you all did and the extent that you all went to.
"How do you know that this is a grace from God?"
I know that this is a grace from God due to the fact that I forgive you all and I have peace ....or you would "All" be dead!
"There you have it," as he raised his gavel and brought it down," what more do we need? Guilty!"
And the trial was over as simple and quick as that.
They wanted and needed to hear about forgiveness.In open court. On record.
In a courtroom packed with people.
It was and has always been about forgiveness.To forgive your greatest enemies and to heal them, by the grace of God.
Now, as simple as it seems, all people are afforded the right in Cleveland County to plead innocent and to attempt to prove that innocence by a trial.
These rights guaranteed under the divinely inspired Constitution of the United States of America, a gift of God.
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