Hymn of the Pearl/Black Pearl Dragon

A dragon in Eastern thought is a symbol of Human Empowerment ,a good, positive quality.the dragon(eastern mysticism;This large, mystical creature may represent large and mystical forces inside of you. In the Far-East it is believed that the dragons are spiritual creatures that navigate through the air and through the sky.the dragon is generally a positive symbol. It may represent a period of time when the dreamer will confront his fears and empower himself to effectively cope with negative emotions, extreme materialism, and be able to obtain greater inner and outer freedom.
I Am more than this.

Matthew Chapter 13

45 Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant searching for fine pearls. 46 When he finds a pearl of great price, he goes and sells all that he has and buys it.
The language of symbolism was in common use around the time of Jesus Christ and most people knew this language. The circle is a symbol of God, it has no beginning and no end. The circle or pearl was considered to represent Love, Knowledge (the combination of equal amounts of Love and Knowledge is a symbol of Wisdom, the 2 circles intertwined (owl eyes) is symbolic of Wisdom. Some other pearls are Truth, and Faith.

The Hymn of the Pearl is a passage of the apocryphal Acts of Thomas.

The hymn tells the story of a boy, "the son of the king of kings", who is sent to Egypt to retrieve a pearl from a serpent.

During the quest, he is seduced by Egyptians and forgets his origin and his family. However, a letter is sent from the king of kings to remind him of his past. The hymn is commonly interpreted as a Gnostic view of the human condition, that we are spirits lost in a world of matter and do not remember our true origin, but then a divine being sends a message, by way of a revealer, a task generally ascribed to Jesus, to make us remember through gnosis(knowledge).


When I was a little child, and dwelling in my kingdom of my father's house, and in the riches and luxuries of my teachers, I was living at ease.

...Then they made me strip off the glorious garment, which in their love they had made for me, and my purple toga which was measured [and] woven according to my stature.

...I remembered that I was a son of kings, and my free soul longed for its natural state. I remembered the pearl, on account of which I was sent to Egypt. Then I began charming it, the formidable and hissing serpent. I caused it to slumber and to fall asleep, for my father's name I named over it, and the name of our second in command (our double), and of my mother, the queen of the East. Then I snatched away the pearl, and I turned to go back to my father's house. And their filthy and unclean clothing, I stripped off and left it in their country.

Hymn of the Pearl,CLICK HERE TO READ

The Black Pearl is the rarest of Pearls in Nature...

I am the Black Pearl Dragon.

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