My pain is in direct relation to my sinfulness?

I really do feel like Job.People say that the traumas inflicted on me are a result of my sinfulness.Karma. Payback. And some insist that it has not been enough!
I really, honestly, can't recall sinning against my Father.
Yes I do smoke Marijuana, but it's a gift from GOD.It's a natural plant!Unadulterated.
[I'm highly allergic to adulterants, including the drugs sugar,salt and caffeine( in the excessive amounts put in our processed foods and to top it off, the food corporations have even adulterated these naturals)] .
Marijuana is the only medicine that provides peace and relief for me from my pain. How can you smart people believe the lies about it killing brain cells.Would I be able to write as eloquently as I do if there was even an ounce of truth to this propaganda?
I do not do man made "DRUGS".
I am a naturalist.Not even aspirin.
Unless,of course, I'm in the hospital with a couple of holes in my foot[adulterants-and-my-body( click here) ]Those adulterants are the enslavers.
The problem with pot and our youth?
You assholes have never shown your children to give thanks to GOD for it, less tell them the truth ,because you yourselves are deceived . You don't even give thanks to GOD for the wine, beers ,and spirits you consume.
Hence , the reasons for mass consumption and the desire for obliteration.
Learn to give thanks to GOD for all good things that He gave you and teach your children such.
You people are "mindless" sheep !
Wait,even, according to Jesus,sheep recognize their Master's voice.Which Master do you follow?
Wake up. Remember!
Be aware and don't fall victim to the dictates of men with an agenda.
Moses only came down with 10 commandments! And why do you think those other" laws" were added and by who?
Remember Moses father- in- law,Jethro(exodus 18;1-27 to read ,click here)?
Don't forget Jethro is the high priest of Baal. He never repents and/or rejects his god,baal. There is no statement that he accepts God as his "god".
Even Satan refers to God as God ,he just never submits to God as his God,although, inspite of himself he does God's will.(Jer 19;5 click here to read). Jethro is also a "Kenite", a descendant of Cain .
And also read how it was not God who partitioned the duties, but how it was a suggestion of his father-in law.
And then maybe you can guess why and to who those duties they fell.
It's in the bible people, read it.
Can't you see the perfection of the ten commandments(click here to read)?
Are you going to say that God said later out of ignorance," Whoops ,forgot a few things!"
Stoning an adulterous woman[Deut.22;20-24click here to read] to death is contradictory to "Thou shall not murder".
The five books (the Torah) contain both the complete system of biblical law, called commandments (Hebrew: mitzvah, plural mitzvot) of which 613 have been enumerated. Now I got this figure from wikipedia,so I'm not sure how accurate it is ,but as I recall from memory, it is pretty close to , if not too liberal , the figure.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torah

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