Who Ordered the Execution of NFL/Army Hero Pat Tillman?

From Article seed Who Ordered the Execution of NFL/Army Hero Pat Tillman?


It’s almost too depressing to mention again, but let’s recap the Pat Tillman revelations from Army medical examiners and internal Pentagon reports released last week and find out what happens when famous football stars turned Army Heroes become anti-war critics:* He was shot three times in the forehead at close range with an American M-16.* This was after he was shot in the chest, legs and hand.* And this was after he screamed to the “friendlies” that he was Pat Tillman and please stop shooting him.* But they didn’t; they executed him.* They were Americans.* There wasn’t even an “enemy” around; not only was nobody shot by “enemy fire,” no equipment was shot by “enemy fire.”

My comments to Comments on seed.

"refute conspiracy theories from questionable sources with sources from legitimate journalists"

Now I'm glad you have your opinion on who's questionable and who's legitimate.
"I also enjoy these conspiracy theories "

This of the same ilk?
Conspiracy Theories?There is a conspiracy! It's not closed.Why is it that you are trying to make the word conspiracy a "bad " word. Conspiring.
Like it has no value or existence in our world of MURDER. Murder is always conspired.Now what about the word cover-up? negative conotation?
A soldier and a NFL hero was shot and killed,numerous times,too many for trained Army Rangers trained and exercised in war tactics.Or now, as Bill would like us to believe ,he was no hero?
"negligent shooting by pumped-up young Rangers "

Now here is your propaganda...you want me to believe that Army Rangers, trained extensively and thoroughly,were pumped up and continued to fire their weapons?And let me guess...they were American Army Rangers?
The story by the WP was written Sunday, December 5, 2004.Ask Bill about his comment earlier about his Katrina refutation. well,better yet,read his comments yourself by clicking on his name and going to comments


refute this...notice the date?
Fratricide (from the Latin word frater, meaning: "brother" and cide meaning to kill) is the act of a person killing his or her brother.

pg31/51 Bushies little inconvenience
"President Bush was asked directly by a reporter in August 2007 when he learned that Corporal Tillman was killed by friendly fire. He said he did not remember. He explained: “I can’t give you the precise moment. But obviously the minute I heard that the facts that people believed were true were not true, that I expect there to be a full investigation and get to the bottom of it.”15

pg32/51 Rummies propaganda BS.

"When he was asked how he could not have known that Corporal Tillman’s death was being investigated as a fratricide, Secretary Rumsfeld responded: “You’re talking about an institution of something like 3 million people: active duty, Reserve, Guard, civilians, contractors. … It’s not possible for someone to know all the things that are going on.”

About a major story? He doesn't know about a NFL Hero and the investigation?

Furthermore, SecretaryRumsfeld told the Committee, “I know that I would not engage in a cover-up. I know that no one in the White House suggested such a thing to me"

Larry Di Rita,Special Assistant to the Secretary in June 2002,recollection of Secretary Rumsfeld personal interest in Pat Tillman’s enlistment.
Larry Di Rita, who was serving as Special Assistant to the Secretary in June 2002, had a similar recollection of why Secretary Rumsfeld took a personal interest in Pat Tillman’s enlistment. Mr. Di Rita told Committee staff that he did not remember being involved in the drafting of Secretary Rumsfeld’s June 25 snowflake memo or June 28 letter, but he generally remembered the attention Corporal Tillman’s enlistment received within the Secretary’s office. He told the Committee:
This was a noteworthy event in the country. It had to do with the Department for which he [Secretary Rumsfeld] had oversight responsibility and control. … [T]his was less than a year after 9/11. So there was still a great deal of interest in what was happening with respect to the Armed Forces. ... [I]t was a very unusual circumstance, a football player leaving the NFL to join the Army. I don’t recall that it had happened to anybody else while we were serving. So the nature of that kind of event is not surprising to me that the Secretary would have chosen to single it out


Our nation also has an inviolate obligation to share truthful information with a soldier’s family and the American people should injury or death occur.
That standard was not met in either Corporal Tillman’s or Private Lynch’s cases.
Neither case involved an act of omission. The misinformation was not caused by overlooking or misunderstanding relevant facts. Instead, in both cases affirmative acts created new facts that were significantly different than what the soldiers in the field knew to be true. And in both cases the fictional accounts proved to be compelling public narratives at difficult times in the war

The misinformation was not caused by overlooking or misunderstanding relevant facts. Instead, in both cases affirmative acts created new facts that were significantly different than what the soldiers in the field knew to be true.

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