National Security Groups Hostile,Prejudice,Discriminatory,Ignorant Security Guards in the Myriad Gardens,OKC .

To whom it may concern;
Please be aware that at 9:35 a.m. 9/04/08, at the Myriad Gardens fountain area I was
confronted by very hostile employees of Total Protection that claimed employment with National Security Group.

I had walked through the Gardens and a bird had defecated on my boots(black military,Bates combat ) and having just polished them didn't want the corrosiveness of the fecal matter setting in(they are water proof) so noticing the fountain I stepped in ankle deep into the pool and rinsed them off,it didn't take longer than 20 seconds and I was out.Job done.
Immediately three of your employees came upon me from across the street in a white golf car;an excessively overweight black woman, a black man who identified himself as Lucas and a
white man.

The woman started "yelling"(literally) that she had told me many times before that I was not to bathe in the pool while people with "marathon tags" pinned to their chests were walking back to their cars after the marathon, which I was there to cover for newsvine.com/oklahoma city , a media outlet of MSNBC. I work for them.
I tried to explain to her that I had never spoken to her and that to please use her common sense, as I was not "bathing" or had ever "bathed" in the fountain.She kept on yelling.
That's when the employee who identified himself as "Lucas" got off the cart and started to approach me stating that I was now trespassing and would be arrested.The other male employee reluctantly started approaching me, also.I tried to explain, in the heat of the moment, that I worked for newsvine.com and that one of my main targets was the homeless, though I was not "homeless". I do carry a backpack.laptop.lunch.
Your employees scoffed and smirked. This is why I provided the link to my column. I am well known amongst the downtown community including the people in positions of power and prestige.DA's office,Homeless Alliance,Catholic Charities...many of the denominational church=

My work involves re-assimilating "all" in our community to a functional and healthy relationship with each other so that embarrassments may be avoided and that cause and ef=
fect may be progressed positively.

I told the female employee directly that her behavior was not only an embarrassment to your company,the passing pedestrians(you should have seen the look of shock on their faces at her hostility) but the city as a whole...these actions reflecting badly on our visitors and residents to the downtown area, considering I was in the parking lot of the Colcord Hotel when "assaulted".
No legal action will be taken,considering civil rights were violated concerning freedom of movement and stop and seizure,on my part if you will just educate these employees as to what is ethically,morally actionable to combat the troubles associated with the actions and behaviors of just a few dysfunctionalindividuals.
I've never seen anyone bathing during the day in the fountains.
I "have" seen residents and visitors of our downtown area cooling their feet in the fountains while enjoying the scenery and many of these people do carry backpacks.
Now being selective as to who these rules will be enforced upon is called "discrimination".
Yelling and screaming and attempting to physically detain citizens due to a perceived prejudice and then lying is called assault , battery,slander and libel.

Please to not make yourselves a party to this injustice.
My concern is that your employees have threatened me now with trespassing if I step again on the property of the Myriad Gardens. I will send a copy of this letter to the manager and the foundation of the Myriad Gardens to ensure that this is not brushed under the table or belittled and to make all aware of their liability.
And I will also write and publish this article and letter on newsvine.com to ensure that this does not happen again.
This is not a threat.Just insurance.
Please correct this so that I can write an article that shows your company in good light in the future and how it is attempting to ensure "security" and "Total Protection" for all without prejudice and discrimination.Ignorance.
Sincerely ,Teodoro Leon III.
RSVP.I want you to clarify that I may walk in freedom in a public park without harassment,retribution or threats from your employees by writing me back stating this.Thank you.

"Preface:The National Security Group, Inc. (the Company) desires to promote honest and ethical conduct and deter wrongdoing at all levels of the organization."

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