September Clues 2008:9/11 : GAME OVER FOR THE GREAT HIJACK ;Broadcast complicity proof

This comprehensive analysis of the9/11 broadcasts shows how the mainstream media actively participated in the 9/11 false-flag operation aimed at generating public support for illegal wars. This media deception has effectively fooled the World for too long. Please watch with an open mind and make your own conclusions.
The video is called" September Clues", from simon shack -

I have encountered trouble loading it and getting it to play...google it and watch on other sites...

The 9/11 tragedy was all about hijackings. The TV airwaves were hijacked in order to insert false images into everyone’s television set. The very same handlers of this monstrous hoax then hijacked the core of the 9/11truth movement and to this day have spent a fortune pushing half-truths, confusion and cheap divide-and-conquer tactics. Conspiracy films à la Michael Moore were no threat to the 9/11goons - so long as the 9/11 TV broadcasts remained unquestioned.

We now know that the #1role of the mainstream media is to mould the news to suit the powers that be. This is a global truth, not confined to the USA. We all have the power to switch that box OFF. If you just can't do it - for any reason - train your brain to stay ON as you watch the Television News. TV is the weapon of mass distraction ; it's high time for all to expose it for what it is. I have a dream

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