There are N(w)O FEMA Camps !

Source 2006 ACA Directory of Correctional Facilities:American Correctional Association (ACA): Publishing And Periodicals
AutoMax: FEMA is in the car selling business...taking over for GM...not for transporting dead bodies in coffins.

500,000 coffin liners...

U.S. Concentration Camps Confirmed By Congressman Hefner(of course ...he was greatly misinformed )

Concentration Camp Rail Car:FEMA ordered 107,200 'AutoMax' prison cars from Gunderson Steel modified from original FEMA design to carry automobiles. They apparently wanted people to become accustomed to seeing these railcars so they would just think they were hauling autos.

500,000 coffin liners

Towers.Many Traditional Concentration Camp Facilities Clearly Intend To Operate In Similar Fissions To WWII Camps:

Map of Camps:Wackenhut,CCA...

Ft Leonard-Wood ,MO.

http://www.army.mil/usapa/epubs/pdf/r210_35.pdf Civilian Inmate Labor Program Army Regulation 210-35:Installations

Dont' be afraid my good people...there are N(w)O FEMA Concentration Camps associated with the NWO (New World Order) across the USA waiting for your arrival.

Chapter 2 Establishing Installation Civilian Inmate Labor Programs 2-1.
Policy statement
a. With a few exceptions, the Armys Civilian Inmate Labor Program is currently limited to using inmates from facilities under the control of the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP). Section 4125(a), Title 18, United States Code allows the Attorney General to make available to other Federal agencies the services of Federal inmates and defines the types of services inmates can perform. The FBOP provides civilian inmate labor free of charge to the Army.b. The Army is not interested in, nor can afford, any relationship with a corrections facility if that relationshipstipulates payment for civilian inmate labor. Installation civilian inmate labor program operating costs must not exceed the cost avoidance generated from using inmate labor (see para 4,3 for a discussion of cost avoidance)

The picturesque facilty at Ft Leonard -Wood is designed as an exclusive club...feel privileged when they honor you with a tour of the facility.Now the maps are just for visual stimulation...nothing more or less...do they really indicate a "threat" to your freedom?
And which country is not preparing for MILLIONs of their citizens to all of a suddenly die in Mass numbers never before seen? Think that the USA is the only country amassing obscene numbers of Coffins?
And the trains? Seems that the transportation of massive numbers of coffins to the ovens and mass graves would require extreme ,efficient vehicles...seems that the coffins fit just right in the Cars?
And now look at this video...
New york state :30 miles of trains video footage(min 9:14) FEMA TRAIN CONNECTION! UPDATE (outside of every major city)
Of course the trains are not for coffins...they are for cars! FEMA has got into the business of Car selling ...taking over for GM. See the "AutoMax" on the side of the car?

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