The great profit in enabling some to be "Homeless" Part I

In my research ,most of the homeless dysfunction is enabled through corruption at all levels.Many are addicted in one form or another causing incapacitation and dysfunction. I am at this time working on a article about the City Rescue Mission shelter in Oklahoma City and How most of the over $3 million dollars in "cash "donations is pocketed by the paid "Staff"(only a select few working there are aware and benefitting), by fraud. For example; All the clothes that the 400 or so daily residents receive through their "clothing closet",once a month, is donated(used or practically new,2 pants,3 shirts,one pair of shoes) but it states on their tax form 990 that they spend $205,108 on clothing expenses.They have so much clothes donated that the excess is bundled,baled and sold at bulk.These "corporations"( a few select men who are adept in the "incorporation game") have learned to profit greatly on the enabled suffering and complacency.It's big money . Hence the reason they run groups on tours through these missions at peak hours of capacity.To "impress" how badly the money is needed.But these donors never really know how little these "homeless" actually benefit,unless they are able to embed themselves there at the mission ,which I believe no one does,except for me, that I'm aware of.There is much more to this story and it's coming along...Hence the reason my ...homelessokc.blogspot.comIt is not to the corporations benefit if they have 20-30 people in a mission. It does not make a profound impact.400-600 people makes a definite visual impact! And it pulls at the heart strings of these kind folks who really do want to make a difference in their brothers and sisters lives.And they do what their concious dictates,they give generously,out of love.Unknowing that their gifts are being used for the enrichment of a few select,fraudently.
An unnamed person that wants anonymity( I found this info during my research and by observation;seek ,ask and Ye shall find), who works for ******** *********and is affiliated with ******** ****** at HomelessAlliance is a social worker who worked for awhile at the City Rescue Mission.Her job was to be an advocate to these people who found themselves there,but she took it a step further,realizing that many of these people didn't have the capacity,motivation or the power for some reason or another to find the resources that were available to them and then to use them and to get around the walls set up for their failure(She saw many that had been living there for years,75%)due to their poverty(financial,educational,spiritual..etc) and she made it a point to actively seek them out rather then wait for them to come to her office,which was the policy of the Mission,wait them out.She was succeeding in emptying this Mission by getting many housing through the section 8 program,the public housing program,foodstamps,disability,treatment for medical conditions...etc.The administration at the City Rescue Mission took notice of her success and decided that they would tell her that they really needed her in another position and that they would immediately fill the active seeking social worker position with somebody else.they never did. She eventually stopped working there.

In 1984 ,the Reagan Administration emptied the Mental institutions, gave these people a disability check and lots of prescriptions and basically let them fend for themselves.The system failed them for a reason.An agenda. Many at the Mission are mentally and emotionally incapacitated.They are preyed on by drug dealers,mainly Crack dealers who profit off most of their $600-2100 monthly disability checks.Much of the mental illness/dysfunction is drug induced. A vicious cycle. Party on the 1st and the 15th of the month for 4-5 days and then live in poverty for the rest of the month at the Mission .Yes, they literally smoke up $600-2100 in a few days and return to the mission financially,physically,emotionally and spiritually spent.They are enslaved , disenfranchised,disempowered and under duress ,none the wiser as to the actual reason why. They feel worthless.All due to a few that profit greatly from their suffering.They/We have been greatly deceived.How do we really help these poor people?Our people.Our Nation. $1,000 x 200 people(mission)= $ 200,000. Liberal estimate,very liberal. And that is only at the mission. This goes on at every mission.And everywhere across the city.It equates in the excess of tens of millions of dollars in the course of only a few days.See the great motivation.

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