Guilt by association?Association by Guilt?"The great profit in enabling some to be "Homeless"PartIII

I've been told,even,by the homeless that it's too negative,my expose...I'm too negative(lol) .And only because they love and respect me and they have fear for themselves and me.Well,actually just a couple.And by a supposed advocate for God.He actually has no fear for me or love.In response to "RE: OKC City Rescue Mission, deceptive Financial Report on Website and Form 990's truth" sent to Tim Ulrich. "Teodoro, I was wondering if you could take me off of your email list…I am not interested right now about hearing all of the negative things that are being discussed… Thank you again. Monday, June 16, 2008 11:20:51 AMTim "refugeokc@gmail.com tim ulrich

I would love him to respond to my previous letters that I sent him, that he never responded to.After our first and only meeting in the alley(while he was in the process of throwing someones bedding away,in the alley not part of "his "property)we exchanged cards and I looked at his site and he obviously looked at mine. I sent him a letter offering my help and some video and images of the place he bought ,off my website. He must of seen I was for real.
http://refugeokc.wordpress.com/ ...right across the street from the City Rescue Mission.This man has personally harrassed "homeless" and has thrown personal belongings of theirs in the trash.He plans ,as he once told me in the alley,to have it blocked off,fenced.He makes no effort to reach out to them.He made "Friends" ,though,with the administration at the City Rescue Mission.When?,actually?As to transient occupants,he prayed with them?He had them all thrown out on the street with the help of Oklahoma City's finest,while they had still been paying rent.And, literally, threw their personal belonging's in the trash.All of it. He has since prettied up the new site with some creative ,selective editing.The original url was refugeokc.org which stated a slightly different mission,that was to include those from the mission.It also stated how the place was bought and for how much.Over $200,000 .He supposedly bought the place not knowing it was a crack house?How does one buy a property that one has not inspected prior to the sale?He was a former youth minister from California.Yes,Lifechurch.tv did a good job reaching out. I have not seen them since.

But Tim forgot to delete this article by Carla Hinton from the "Oklahoman" that pats them on the back!http://refugeokc.wordpress.com/2008/04/11/the-oklahoman-newspaper/
"The bustling effort to repurpose a squalid apartment building at 823 W California was started a year ago by the new owner, who bought it without realizing it was a notorious haven for criminal activity.As Californian Tim Ulrich painted the walls of the dilapidated building, a prostitute hiding from a pimp crept through the filthy rooms and pointed out a putrid mattress that had been used for illicit encounters.Desperate people knocked on the doors and windows, looking for a crack fix or other illegal drugs.Gang members surrounded him as he sat in his car, perhaps sizing up the person bold enough to step onto their territory.Ulrich, 32, decided to sell the place. Quickly.But God had other plans."
"They are intent on making the building once known as a drug house and “Satan’s stronghold” into a ministry hub for churches and volunteers who want to help the homeless and indigent."
"“We are so excited, we can’t see straight,” said the Rev. Tom Jones, president and chief executive of City Rescue Mission, 800 W California. “Right up until Tim bought it, that building was one of the biggest crack houses in the city. We really believe in what Tim’s doing and support it.” Jones said the building’s proximity to City Rescue Mission previously proved tempting for people living at the faith-based homeless shelter and struggling to break free from drug or alcohol addictions. “We were working diligently to get people off drugs, and they could go right across the street and get anything they wanted,” Jones said. "
" Ulrich said it was several months after he had met and prayed with many of the transient occupants of the supposedly vacant apartment building that he and his wife decided to heed the Lord’s call and move to Oklahoma City. People from different congregations heard about the couple’s move of faith and helpers began arriving."

Guilt by association?Association by GUILT? He has never responded except for the very recent letter asking me to take him off my email list.dated Monday, June 16, 2008 11:20:51 AM Now ,in all reality ,why would he not want to be at least informed?

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