to understand the true tragedy of War and Murder

(Doug is a young man that in my opinion has just recently returned from war.Stature,physical and mental, indicates to me he is a trained soldier.I'm familiar with the air of the military.He attended Skyline Urban ministry's "saturday night live" which includes a service and sermon for the poor, distributed by a volunteer group,usually religious.Doug on his first visit there started slapping prepared food containers set up on a table to the ground and had to be restrained peacefully by many.He was intent on finishing his Mission and so as a result had to be arrested and jailed.I saw him at the library today.)
His appearance was ragged, the Saturday we saw him ,compared to what he used to look like the week before.As a direct result of being evicted/barred from theCity Rescue Mission, due to the violence and arrest he suffered prior to Saturday.He had been a healthy individual, carrying himself with dignity and honor,his clothes were clean and he was still in top physical shape.Who I saw on sat. indicated to me (now I know why) that he was on a descent.He was on the last of his hopes when we saw him and that is what triggered the outburst, hope. He heard it,he felt it and he knew it as he sat with us and you,Pastor Tremper, were reading the prayers and giving the sermon. It's not over.Pray that what ever is hindering him(unbelief,self doubt,Satan) from reaching out that it be removed and that he be sent specifically to me.There is more to the story of him that I have observed and know then I have the time or space to write to you. I was sent to him and he was there when I was moved to go to the Mission and eat. I never eat there.His table was the only one with an open seat,that I took.The men sitted there made observations and commented on them and as is my nature I enlightened them all with my comments and Doug did not join in ,but was obviously greatly affected,apparent by the emotions on his face.One thing I did say in general to the group,but intended for him,was that some of us came to the Mission to learn something that could not be learned any other way for the sake of our brothers,but that they somehow had forgotten why and had got caught up in the game and were complacent due to their perceived impotence.A lie of impotence.He became deeply troubled.He in his young life has learned something of the truth of this world and it has caused him great pain.He is reaching out in the only way he knows how,but he does not trust me,yet .It takes time for most people to trust me as I intimidate them,unintentionally.Then I become common to them and they view me through their own biases ,prejudices ,discrimination's and unbelief,though they felt the grace from me to begin with.That's what intimidates them.What they feel .Hope.What they hear,wisdom.But thank God not all people are this way and they are able to shine and have been shining to help light the way.His mission, was to deny to himself and to everybody else there the peace and hope of God our Father by turning gifts into trash.It still didn't work,though many were rightfully troubled and distressed.Maybe they will be able to understand the true tragedy of War and Murder,how it robs of us all of such beautiful people and the love they so desperately want to share and share in.When I said I was 80 percent sure he had been in the service I meant it in the context that I'm also 80 percent sure the sun will rise tomorrow.I've been deceived before,but not very often. I'm pretty sure the sun will rise tomorrow,if I'm alive and God wills it.Is it for certain,only God knows.As only God knows the end of time as humanity knows and perceives it.Peace.Amen.Sincerely,Teodoro Leon III

Doug is apparently out of jail as I have seen him at the downtown library.He is carrying a clear bag with clothes in it.
I heard from Max that Doug got into some trouble at the City Rescue Mission a little while back and was arrested.He had to be subdued at that time also with the help of 4 men,plus a police officer that promptly arrested him.I believe that he was barred from the Mission as a result of the violence and arrest.He is obviously enraged for his temper to be so out of control over something.Living on the streets will not help much unless it forces him to seek help.He is looking rather shabby, and very troubled,rabid. I really believe that he is suffering from PTSS,whether the trauma is militarily inflicted is of no relevance,though I still believe he is prior service related.Pray that he is steered in the right direction and that we may be able to help him.He used to go to City Church in the morning to eat,but he has not been there since last week since the first of the month.He looks really ragged and unkempt.Most people can't survive outdoors and keep up some sense of dignity as the result of the stigma attached to the word "homeless".I have been 40 days or more in the wilderness that is called Downtown Oklahoma City and am still able to be at peace and keep clean and carry myself well, as you can see. I'm graced by the God of my Love.I'm graced by the Love of my God.
I "LIVE" where ever I am.Let us allow our brothers and sisters to "LIVE" where ever they are and what ever circumstance and situation they find themselves.Because a man might live in a mansion does not guarantee that he "lives " with peace and contentment.

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